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A Narrative Essay About A Childhood Memory (Essay Sample)


1.Your essay should have a clear introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, and a conclusion paragraph.
2.Your introduction should have a thesis that shows your reader why your story matters. Why did you choose this story? what is its significance?
3.Your introduction should be full of narrative and descriptive detail and follow the PIE paragraph structure.
4.Your conclusion should answer the big "So What?" question:Why does this story matter to you and why are you telling it to your reader?


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The Cupboard Blanket:
A Narrative Essay on a Childhood Memory
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September 9, 2017
Every person experiences childhood, and at times, had their own very own special friend. By special, I'm referring not to his next door neighbor, his brother, or any other person in the world, but rather something of immense symbolic value like a toy, an imaginary friend, a household item, etc. While some other kids have dolls and action figures for their special friend, what I had was a plain old, dusty, and stained blanket. This blanket, which was given to me by my grandmother when I was still a child, has been my companion in almost every part of my journey, especially when I feel fear and grief. Even though I'm not using this blanket anymore and has been keeping it in my cupboard for almost a decade now, there are times when the adventures and memories that we had together would still cross my mind. However, one regret fact that as I grew up I told myself back then that having a “special friend” is something that I cannot do anymore. In line

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