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Analytical Paper on 'Naomi' by Tanizaki Junichiro (Essay Sample)

I will upload the Guideline as an attached file. You will be able to get the basic ideas on how the paper should be constructed from the guideline. The prompt I would like the writer to write on is "What kind of role does Naomi's aesthetic beauty of her body play in the book?" So the thesis of the paper will be the answer to this question. Even though the topic is about Naomi's body, I want the paper to focus on Joji's( the protagonist) point of view. His obsession towards Naomi's body and how it affects his decision towards the relationship. (Like how even after their spiritual connection fades away, he still stays with Naomi from the physical connection he has towards her.) How he sees her parts of body individually, especially her whiteness of her skin. Also how she's described as a goddess, spiritual figure. I want the writer to think about Tanizaki's LANGUAGES he use to describe Naomi's body. What it means and tells us. Around THREE passages of close reading will be enough to support the argument. Page162, 170,176, 221 has some descriptions of Naomi's body in detail. But please feel free to use any passage. There are actually quite a lot of passages that describes Naomi's body so please choose carefully which will be a good argument. ITS ALL ABOUT CLOSE READING AND HOW YOU MAKE THE BOOK MORE INTERESTING THAN IT IS ALREADY THROUGH YOUR THOUGHTS AND ARGUMENTS IN THE PAPER. Thank you. source..
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The body of Naomi in the “eyes” of Joji
This wonderful story focuses on a middle class young man named Joji and his lover Naomi. Naomi worked as a waitress in Tokyo Japan when Joji first met her. This young lady, Naomi, is been described as a modern young lady who has “raised” herself above the traditional Japanese woman. She is working in the city and not only that but in a place that can be described as a hub for the westerners in Japan. In the twentieth century, most countries Japan included things were changing from the norms; woman focused more in achieving what the male counterparts had achieved, lifestyle included. These trends had a lot of impact on the norms of the people in Japan; they challenged the mainstream representations of domesticity and femininity; their way of dressing and the kind of products they bought; their behaviors towards relationships changed, in that they could have an alternative romantic relationships outside the marital relationships; and not to forget the fact that they were moving from homes in the rural areas to the urban cities in search of jobs just like their counter parts, man. The author has used Naomi’s body to bring forth to the audience Joji’s mental picture, craving and the concerns that he had in the larger social context. Therefore, this paper seeks to understand the different attributes that Naomi’s body reflects to the audience in the point of view if his husband, Joji and their significances.
Just from the start of the novel, Joji presents Naomi has extra ordinary young lady who is full of power to overcome barriers. When they first met Joji could not hold the desire that had build toward her as a result of her "western" look. As a result of her perfect body’s he could ask himself if really Naomi was a real human being. During his lifetime he had never seen a lady like Naomi only her comparison could be the movie actors...
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