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Mythology. Design Your Own Creation Myth. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Design Your Own Creation Myth
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Students will make up an original myth to explain how the world came to be (as it is today) incorporating at least three of the Weigle typesPreview the document in their myth. (The Weigle types are explained in Chapter 2 of Leonard & McClure). Students will then write an analysis of their myth, identifying the three Weigle types used, explaining exactly where, how, and why the Weigle types were used in their myth, and explaining what they were trying to suggest about the world through their myth.
This project will involve two parts: the writing of a modern myth of creation (500+ words) and an analysis of the myth written (300 words).
Myth Story: Using at least three of the nine types of creation myths given in the Creation Myths types handout, students will write a modern creation myth (500 words +). The myth must clearly demonstrate the use of at least three of the Weigle types. The student’s myth must reflect modern concerns and ideas and must not be just a re-telling of an existing myth. Apart from the chart identifying the nine types of creation myths and the explanation of Weigle's types in Leonard & McClure, chapter 2,students may not use any sources. This is not a research assignment. Students who use information from printed documents, the Internet, or other classes will face academic integrity charges. (This portion of the assignment is worth 50 points)
A creation myth answers questions like Where did we come from? How should we live? What is the purpose of life? What is the proper way for people to live? Why is the universe like it is? What is the nature of the universe? Your myth should be a story that suggests answers to questions like these.
Myth Analysis: Students will explain which creation types were used to develop their myth and explain what their myth suggests about the place of modern humanity in the world. The analysis should be approximately 300 words (This portion of the assignment is also worth 50 points).
Your analysis must explain exactly which of the Weigle types were used and identify which details support their use. Include all myth types that appear in your myth. Your analysis will also explore what questions your creation story tries to answer, how it answers them, and what kinds of things you considered in answering those questions. Did you model your myth after a particular viewpoint, the way C. S. Lewis models Narnia around a Christian view of the world, or J. R. R. Tolkien models Middle Earth around Christian and Norse mythology, or the way Frank Herbert incorporates Catholic and Islamic elements into Dune? What governed the choices you made in your creation story? In what ways does your creation story try to fit our 21st century view of the world? Your analysis must explain which creation types you have used to create your myth and how you used each creation type in your myth. Again, this is not a research assignment. You will be graded on how well you apply what you are learning about mythology in this class.
Warning: This must NOT be a re-telling of an existing cosmogony/myth (Genesis, evolution, the Big Bang, etc.). See Leonard & McClure, Chapter 2 for examples of creation myths. Students must write their own personal original myth.
Student created myth - minimum of 500 words
Myth must not be a retelling of an existing myth
Use of at least three Weigle myth types
Student analysis of student myth - minimum of 300 words
Which types were used?
How were they used in the myth?
What details indicate the type used?
What purpose does this myth serve?
Students must identify and explain every myth type used in their myth (whether planned or not).
No source material other than the Weigle types can be used


Professor’s name:
In the beginning, there existed nothing but a supernatural being roaming the edges of the universe in its spiritual form. The supernatural being’s transcended over the bare surfaces of the earth giving exerting different amounts of pressure against the earth. Consequently, distinct geographical bodies emerged from the surface due to the pressure differences resulting into hills, valleys, depressions, and valleys. The land masses formed were impressive and pleasing to the supernatural being and felt the need to beautify its creation by moisturizing the surface of the land masses by directing warm breath towards giving rise to a variety of plants filling up the earth. As trees and other forms of plantation filled up the earth, they experienced redundancy in their growth and development, and the supernatural being thought of illuminating the plantation to monitor its progress.

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