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My View on Playing Video Games: Self-Expression (Essay Sample)


In two pages, just like the Lee essay, I want you to describe some art, sport or task that you practice. Think about what defines your approach to the practice. Select a counterexample or two that highlight how your approach is different from some other common ones and use those examples to show us how and why your own approach to the practice differs and what is productive about this difference.
Aim for clarity, focus and good paragraph structure in this assignment. Two pages do not leave a lot of room for ornament. Work to understand what purpose Lee tries to achieve with each of his paragraphs and how it serves his overall thesis, then work to apply the spirit of these same organizing principles in your own essay.
As Lee says, "Remember, you are expressing the technique and not doing the technique." Your essay should not be a copy of Lee's essay, but rather a personal expression of the purpose of Lee's essay for your own art.


Professor's name
My View on Video Games
In the world today, there are thousands if not millions of video games available for interested players. These games range from combat games such as Call of Duty to sports games such as NBA 2K and even more immersive games such as Minecraft. The crux of this matter is that all these different games achieve different purposes.
To me, this abundance of choice is not startling because, as aforementioned, every game serves a unique purpose. Many avid gamers tend to believe that video games provide a sense of escape and detachment from reality, thereby getting gamers to avoid thinking and direct conflict with others, all while wasting massive amounts of time. I do not share this view. Instead, I tend to view video games as a medium through which one can practice mindfulness and concentration, much like a platform supportive of meditative practices and habits. In this respect, playing video games becomes not only a way of self-expression but also of self-control and mindfulness, enabling me to become mindful not only of myself but also of the environment and people around me. This undoubtedly gets me to enjoy the game, while still actively living in the moment.
To me, this is the best way to look at video games, and how I view them myself. They are an avenue through which we can immerse ourselves in different worlds, different characters, and different mindsets, all while being extremely mindful of ourselves and our surroundings, for however much time we so desire or have. This immersion allows players to momentarily enjoy a life other than their own, which is an excellent method of escape and, in some ways, a short vacation in and of itself (Cogburn and Silcox 49). For that brief time when I am playing video games, I do not burd

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