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My Father Essay: role model (Essay Sample)

Develope this paragraph into a descriptive essay about my father: My father is a self-motivated man who is ambitious and works hard towards his goals especially to success and his family in beneficial ways. These always inspired me so that I may be as successful as him. He is a patient man who never jumps into conclusion and his reputation has helped him to avoid many frustrations. Life has many challenges, and it is only individuals having patience who have the capacity to handle life aspects in a tranquil and desirable ways. Through my interaction with my father, I realized that he is result-oriented and very much hard working. These are essential qualities towards success that always motivated me and are worth of emulation by other individuals who desire success. My father is always a peacemaker, establishing peace movements within my society, eliminating any violence forms and upholding peace. The porpoise for exposing these aspects, is to show how my father is a role model to me and his personality is worth to follow. OBS: You can make little changes in the paragraph. What teacher will look for in the paper: "1. What is the point of your descriptive essay – your father or the impact of your father on you? You need to make a stronger thesis statement, topic sentences, and coherently developed conclusion so that you can make a full thee-page-long paper. 2. Some sentences seem unclear. Try to make them as clear as possible. In other words, I would like you to consider your audience (or reader). 3. There are still many awkward expressions and incomplete sentences. Please pay more attention to them." TIPS: --Include sensory details such sights, smells, sounds, and touch --Use transitions between examples/details --Remember to explain to the reader words or ideas that he or she may not understand --You do not need to cite any outside sources source..
Student’s name:
My father
There are a variety of qualities possessed by my father which make him to be my role model. These qualities have also been found to be worthy of being emulated by individuals who work towards success attainment. This is because the qualities support success attainment and have the capacity to lead individuals towards their goals attainment. Within the society, individuals strive by all means towards success attainment and it is always important for them to attain substantial qualities which facilitate the intended purposes’ attainment. My father possesses desirable qualities which are suitable for set goals as well as objectives’ attainment.
For instance, he is self-motivated, hard working and ambitious and works towards attainment of his goals which benefit his family in a number of ways. This has the implication that he possesses self-drive which pushes him towards work, is determined and extends substantial energy towards various objectives’ attainment. I realized that for success to be attained, devotion ought to be experienced among the involved parties. Self-motivation, hard work and ambition are some of the qualities which reflect devotion and therefore this supports the idea that these qualities are important towards desirable performance attainment. This highly inspires me and motivates me towards attainment of similar qualities so that I may be as successful as my father. The qualities are as well useful to other individuals who have the capacity to emulate them towards success attainment.
Secondly, my father is patient and hates jumping into conclusions. This reputation has assisted him in avoiding frustrations in life. Owing to the fact that life holds various challenges, it is only through patience that individuals have the capacity to tackle aspects concerning life within ways which are regarded as desirable. The interaction I have had with my father has enabled me to recognize that he works hard towards his goals attainment and is ever result-oriented. These stand out as some of the qualities which are essential towards success and I was highly motivated by them. Other individuals have also been striving...
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