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My Choice (Essay Sample)

using a standard 12 point font and MLA style. First person narrative style is acceptable, but avoid second person. Write a narrative essay in which you tell the story of a choice you've made and how your choice has affected your life. How might your life have been different if you had made a different choice? Demonstrate the critical thinking skills involved in exploring, limiting, and focusing the subject in order to produce a thesis statement appropriate for the audience and the assignment. Organize essays, using outlining and prewriting techniques, so that the plan indicates the major divisions of the thesis and provides specific support for assertions. Compose introductory paragraphs containing the thesis statement of the essay, body paragraphs containing adequately supported topic sentences, and conclusions indicating completion of the discussion. Revise essays for logical coherence and completeness as well as appropriate rhetorical strategies, style, and diction. Edit essays for correct punctuation, grammar, and usage. Here is some information of me: I am Keng, and I born in Macau, China. I made my decision to come to the United States for college. Maybe do some history about that city. I guess the essay will be about leaving family, coming to the United States by myself. I have to learn how to take care myself, manage spends, cook. Other, new language and culture. Friends in Macau have lost contact. However, I still think I have made a right decision because the education here is better, many colleges.stuff like that source..
My Choice
It is never easy to leave those you love behind, even more the life you already have and loved as well. But then the time comes when a person has to make that decision - I had. I have been through it. Making the choice wasn`t easy and I knew then that going through it was just going to be as hard, maybe even harder (although I never quite realized it until now). Nevertheless, I have done it and I have made it; I moved to the US to pursue college and thereon, I experienced and learned of the fullness of being independent, of being on my own. And I tell you, it wasn`t as glamorous as most youngsters would like to believe - I would miss my hometown, my family, my friends, and then some. Then again, it wasn`t at all that bad either.
Beautiful sceneries, awesome historical Portuguese architectures, impressive modern establishments, the exotic Chinese culture, and a lot more is what you can find my hometown. I was born and raised in China`s famed city of Macau; it is where I have lived my whole life - until I went off to college. Even before making the choice, I have always thought I wanted to move to America and get my college degree there instead of here in Macau. My belief was that they have a better school system as compared to the universities of my homeland - and they probably do. And then there was that feeling of excitement and that thirst for adventure; after all, I was about to enter new territory and start a new life on my own. The idea was thrilling. I was probably nervous when I thoug...
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