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The Development Music Industry in United States (Essay Sample)


Please read "A Different Mirror" from Ronald Takaki's book Multicultural America. Write & upload a one-page response (single spaced)

The development music industry is significant in the United States. First, according to Takaki, the use of music and literature excerpts unearths the economic and political history of the Americans. Popular music is used in the modern society to explain the past and give vision to the people. Secondly, music is a significant form of expressing our culture and identifying personal and ethnic identities. Thirdly, music also serves as an entertainment tool in the society. This assignment aims at discussing the use of music in the United States by different races (Lornell 80).
The Asian Americans’ music
They used music to mobilize their people and seek government attention to address racism and ethnic marginalization in the United States during the colonial era. They composed music to promote peace and address social injustices. The artists recorded a Grain of Sand album which contained twelve songs in different forms. These forms included folk-rock anthem, the traditional ballad, soul groove and Stark songs (Deschênes134).
The Asian American songs are written in the first person and encourage the listeners to act. The artists use simple instruments such as two guitars and three voices. In some instances, they used conga and bass and other sophisticated instruments (Deschênes136).
The Native Americans’ music
Native Americans used drums, flutes and other instruments in music to express their culture and for recreation purposes. Their music performance is elaborate, and involves using irregular rhythms and off-key styles to sing. In addition, they use the vocals t...
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