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Music And Family Stereotype In The Film COCO (Essay Sample)


create an essay outline
3 paragraph: Introduction, Paragraph 1, Paragraph 2
must to follow the outline format
need to have transition words


Music and Family Stereotype in COCO
Once in a while Disney will produce a piece of work that will leave most of the audience eager with expectation for a sequel. The film Coco, is one such film where most of the audience would not mind to watch another of the same glamour and cultural significance. There is a balance to be achieved whenever a story based on a certain culture is heavily featured in a film. The director will have to make sure that they are able to bring out the basic elements of the culture in an accurate manner. Otherwise, they stand the chance of being ridiculed for their work and losing out on the level of credibility in their field. In Coco, one thing element of culture is certain, there are a number of strong stereotypes about the Mexican culture that are featured in the story. Marginalization and family are some of the strongest thematic aspects for the film and they show in the way the story is represented.
First is the fact that the photograph that Miguel spots of the family is shown with the grandfather missing the family was a strong relevance in the film relative to the fact that, even the grandmother is seen to have cut away the image of the grandfather when they assumed that he walked away and choose music over the family. This was an act that warranted his removal from the family portrait seeing that he had lost his family values. When the grandmother also finds the young Miguel with the portrait, she is quick to brush off the element of the grandfather. She did not want to discuss the grandfather as she assumed that he had left the family. This way they were perpetrating the element of forgetting that he even ever existed in the first place. The grandmother was ready to hide the fact that, they had a grandfather. He was largely considered a traitor

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