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MUS265 Assignment #2 2018: Rock Music: The Carpenters’ Band (Essay Sample)


Assignment #2 is the first in a series of short written assignments designed to lead up to
and culminate in the Analysis Project. The first step is for you to choose a song or
instrumental piece you wish to use for the Analysis Project. You have a free choice of
music, and I strongly suggest that you choose something which interests you and which
you feel will offer the opportunity for in-depth study. Beyond that, I have three
1) If you choose a song from one of the course CDs (Which I will, therefore, be covering
in class lecture), or a song which is discussed at length in the textbook, you should know
that I will expect you to go into considerably greater depth in your analysis than I do in
class or than does the book.
2) Please do not choose a single song or instrumental of great length (14+ minutes,
approximately), as you will most likely not have enough space in the final Project to
cover that large a musical work in real detail/depth.
3) The Analysis Project is NOT primarily concerned with a poetic analysis of song lyrics,
but rather with a musical analysis that takes lyrical content/imagery into consideration.
Avoid song choices based only on the lyrics, as you will not be spending a great deal of
time on those lyrics and don't want to be overly distracted by them. In other words, you
need to love the music, too!
Once you have chosen a song, write a 500-word mini-essay which
1) provides some background to the song and the band/artist, and
2) explains what interests you about the song and why you feel it will make an interesting
paper topic.


Rock Music: The Carpenters’ Band
The carpenters’ band was established by Richard Carpenter acting as a Jazz multi-instrumentalist and his sister Karen who played the vocalist and drummer. The band commenced its operation in the early 60s, but it gained a wide recognition in mid of 1960s and late 1970s when it was crowned as the kings of the “Sunshine pop”. Despite its early existence, most of its sentimental albums are still popular to date. Most of the tracks associated with the Carpenters’ Band narrated challenging events and painful realities that caused sentimental bearing among the audience. Some of the songs played by the band include: Looking for love, Eve, Rainy day, Monday, Close to you and Superstar, among others. Gifted of music, Richard Carpenter who was also the band leader was professional pianist
It is believed Richard commenced the art of playing piano and the love for music at a very young age. His love for music became more pronounced when he joined a local high school marching-band. Later, he formed Richard Carpenter Jazz alongside his friend Jacob before Karen chipped in as a drummer. The band attained varied awards including the Hollywood Bowl in 1978 and 1979. The success of the Carpenters’ Band started to dwindle in 1981, when Karen suffered mental distortion, leaving the band to continue as a duo. However, they finally managed to rel

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