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Multiculturalism Better than Assimilation for the USA (Essay Sample)


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Multiculturalism Better than Assimilation for the United States
It's safe to say that multiculturalism is be openly embraced in the United States, a nation where people are happy and living successful lives because they are free to opt for things they love the most. However, there are many who advocate intolerance and believe that multiculturalism is not good for Americans. Even some presidential candidates and public figures support assimilation. Multiculturalism refers to a de facto form of ethnic and cultural diversity within the demographics of a specific social place, and assimilation is the process of consistent and long-term integrations whereby members of ethnocultural groups (such as minority groups and immigrants) become a part of an established community, generally large-sized. These two approaches are entirely different from one another, and both have their own pros and cons. However, I believe that multiculturalism is far better than assimilation as it promotes peace and enables people to live their lives according to their desires and tastes (Chapman 2016).
When individuals are asked or forced to accept an entirely different environment or assimilate to a specific culture or tradition, it can cause them to feel restless and odd, and they may maintain their own cultural and traditional values furtively. Thus, the society we live in embraces multiculturalism because it encourages people to follow their minds and practice their own cultures in an open and user-friendly environment. In the long run, it will leave a good impression on the society, and the chances of progress and prosperity will be high. I am not opposing assimilation, but I believe that varying cultural differences can build a successful society and pave its way towards progress and prosperity (Wi

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