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Is There Too Much Pressure On Teenagers To Go To College? (Essay Sample)


Persuasive/Argumentative Essay
For this paper I want you to sketch out your argument by establishing the main direction you want to take (i.e. your position), your frame of reference (your opposition), and the evidence you want to discuss (facts, statistics, opinions, etc.) before concluding with a synthesis or one-sided solution. Define clearly the controversy your argument will develop and attempt to solve. I am looking for some primary structural necessities:
a) that you establish, upfront, your controversy clearly—which is the same as establishing your thesis clearly, the idea being that you can't state a viable, arguable thesis except against a background of opposition.
b) that you summarize your opposition objectively and make it (at least partially) viable so that you are not setting up a straw man to ‘beat down'. No abortion, euthanasia, death penalty, for or against.
PLEASE MAKE IT LOOK SIMPLE AND NOT COMPLEICATED, I don't want to be caught. MLA PLZ. Word document


Pressure to Join College
Education has over the years proven to be a pivotal element in the society. It enshrines all the developments that are in the various sectors from the early ages to this day. As such, there is a level of significance that is attached to making sure everyone has some education background however basic. It is the element of departing from the basic education that now separates the various classes in the society. The education system in place is one that draws some sharp criticism, with some pointing out that it does not offer much in terms of practical skills, while others back it up. All the same, there has been significant emphasis on the need for college education. As such, high school students are constantly drilled and pressured into making sure that they are prepare for college education. The level of emphasis that the high school students are given is quite extreme. The idea behind the pressure is that everyone expects the high school students to perform well with good discipline and join the best colleges in the nation. It is however important to note that, pressuring them in getting the best grades also reduces the passion to go to college. This is an issue that is presented as being forced down on them. As such, for the high school children that have been involved in the move to get into a good college; this can be associated with parenting.
There is however the school of thought that feels that, high school children are not being forced wrongfully. This points to the fact that, it is the job of the parents to make sure that they see into the future for the children at this age. This is to say, for most of the students at this stage, they do not have a clear path that they want to follow when they get out of high school and beyond. At the same time, where the children have a path that they want to follow when they get out of school it is in some of the cases a path that will not be well paying and more importantly fulfilling. As such as a parent, it is therefore their mandate to make sure that they get their children to be serious about what they are going to do with the rest of their lives after they leave school. This is largely the only time that parents have control over what their children do with the lives. After this stage, it then becomes a very daunting task to get an adult to change their mind. By pressuring the children into getting college education, they are preparing their children for the tough life ahead in a society that is ruthless and unforgiving when it comes to who gets ahead. Only those with college degrees and experts in their respective fields find decent jobs and places to live along with the ability to afford comfortable amenities for themselves and their children. As such, pressuring the child in high school is not such a bad thing after all.
As seen in the school of thought

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