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Monsters and the Moral Imagination Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Research monsters and develop an argumentative persuasive essay about monsters. The essay must include, ethos, pathos, logos, inductive and deductive reasoning. Develop your own argument about the topic and use other trustworthy outside sources to provide explanation (Please add trustworthy Work Cited Sources at the end of the paper). Please organize the essay according Rubric for the Assessment of the Argumentative Essay. I need the essay in Doc file and would go through plagiarism sot wear.
Three pages essay, MLA style, 12 font.
Thank you.


Are Monsters real or fictional stories
Monster myths exist in almost every community featuring creature with supernatural abilities and abnormal physiology. Most of the creatures take the form of an animal or a person but with a striking difference of their limbs, skin, faces, teeth, claws, movement, food, sensory capabilities, etc. Stories about these creatures have been passed down through many generations, and today most people hotly debate about their existence. Some people claim to have encountered them and describe chilling stories that deeply engrain the deep-seated fear of supernatural phenomenon. In other communities, such creatures are hailed, respected and worshiped for their purported contribution of helping the people of that community. Therefore, in this essay, a detailed discussion evaluating existing literature of the monsters is clearly described to find out if monsters are real or fictional stories.
Some people describe chilling encounters with monsters and argue that these creatures exist. The common thing about these creature sightings is that it happens to a small number of people or an individual. These people then go on publicizing the story, and as it spreads, it is continually modified depending on the narrator CITATION Eve88 \l 1033 (Bleiler and Bleiler). Mostly, those stories lack credibility and logical backing to convince people and some people disregard them as false and only creatively created to achieve a common objective. The original versions of these stories are corrupted and passed down through generations who use them to propagate their interest. The people who do not believe in these monster stories question the credibility of the stories basing their arguments on the ambiguity of the stories. They also question the existence of a monster that appears to a small group of people and not to everyone.
Some people and places show marks that serve as evidence of the existence of the creatures. Near death experiences coupled with some physical injuries serve as evidence to prove the existence of such creatures. Damage to property and abnorm

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