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Man vs Nature (Mononoke Hime) Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


Explicate a passage about Mononoke Hime.


Man vs Nature (Mononoke Hime)
Set in the Muromachi period around 1336-1573 Princess Mononoke is Japanese fantasy following a young prince "Emishi" who gets involved in a struggle about the people who consume the forest resources and the gods of the same forest. Mononoke is a Japanese word for monster or spirit or shape-shifting beings. There are various reasons why people watch movies, animations, series or any other art. To some it is just entertainment to others is the urge to see the wondrous things that nature does not provide in real life even though it out to do so. It is a run from reality to the world of myths and dreams that are not restricted. Animations are known to open the possibility of creating a mythical world because they are freed from the base of the possible. Animations create new existences and they are not duplicates of movies or shadows of a certain reality. There been many animations that insult the mind of the audience and some are insipid but a good animation will make the mind activated. On to our anime, Mononoke the work of Ghibli studio, credit is given to Hayao Miyazaki. The tale talks man versus nature during the Iron Age when individuals were still living peacefully with nature and some were starting to try and defeat and tame nature. The underlying problem between humans and nature still occurring to date where stringer rules have been made to curb individuals from polluting the earth and degrading it. Mononoke shows how man, nature gods, and forest animals all struggle for the emerging order. Although the anime is over two decades ago the struggle for nature and the environment is still adamant to date. This paper is going to explicate Mononoke based on man and nature, inspirations and characters.
There is a nagging subject among humans where they try and conquer nature only for nature to hit back and sometimes results in losing lives. Environmental themes are today common in many cultural products. With man-made problems increasing daily for example deforestation, pollution, and global warming their impact is becoming an inspiration to filmmakers, authors, and artists who are putting environmental themes into their work. The question of whether humans can dominate nature still challenges the world and having anime like Mononoke only add to the doubts of answering the question. Questions about nature have not changed and once it moved people today like they were back in the days become uncertain of the results, that are if there will be epic battles between civilization today or gods of the battle in the Hime. The possibility of a battle threatening the unbalance forces of nature. The show anthropomorphized animals to depict nature while the man's ability to protect or destroy nature depicts man's action and thus present the idea of nature vs man. Today the system is for protecting nature at all cost and so was the anime environment.
The daily adventure of Prince Ashitaka mainly makes up the story and his adventure which is based on nature develops the plot story. The anime takes place during medieval Japan among the Emishis tribe (Tucker 67). Ashitaka one of the main characters is forced to go head to head with the god-boar, Nago and he becomes a demon. During the struggle, he is caught by a curse where he gets a supernatural arm that gradually gnaws him. The society shaman observes that he is destined to di

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