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Monomyth: The Hero With A Thousand Faces (Essay Sample)


The Monomyth is a popular formula used in many modern movies, like Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, and Harry Potter.
It outlines a series of trials, tribulations, and obstacles that a character must endure on their journey or quest.
The following article outlines The 17 Stages of the Monomyth
For your assignment, you will choose / create / imagine a character and run them through various stages of the monomyth.
You may use yourself as the lead character choose/creates your real life as the monomyth, or make it up, creatively. You may also use a movie or book or television show. It should be approximately 10-pages and will require revision.


Almost all compelling mythical stories follow the same structure. Joseph Campbell in his book, “The Hero With A Thousand Faces”, established that since time immemorial, stories about heroes have followed a pattern that he called Monomyth or “The Hero's Journey” (Sadri 1). In some of the movies that we have watched, we have consumed “Monomyth”. In this paper, I am going to cover the story of John a spy sent to locate 11 unknown witnesses in what looked like an impossible task but somehow he manages to locate them.
As the story begins, John reviews his life and the love he lost. He is now in a mess and regrets not quitting the office of the naval intelligence (ONI) early on. He is now lonely and believes that his life has lost its purpose. He tells himself that he has one major job and then he retires. He believes it is this job that denied him the opportunity to spend valuable time with his former wife, causing the separation. They had been so much in love that other couples wanted to be like them. Just when he wanted to quit, he was sent on one final assignment to chase after someone the government wanted. The search had taken ages and by the time he was back, their relationship had reached an all-time low and their separation was imminent. They were really lost because they knew they were still in love with each other and yet they could not stay together.
One early morning, John gets a call from the National Security Agency (NSA). He wonders what the NSA would want from him because he belongs to ONI. He decides to go anyway and while there he is told that being one of the best in the country, he has an assignment to locate some witnesses. The witnesses were from different nationalities and they had seen a weather balloon fall while they were on a tour bus in Switzerland. The task was to track down the witnesses and report back to the NSA. However, he was never to use the help of anyone, not even his closest friends and the acquaintances he had made throughout his professional life. He found this strange and for a moment he told himself that he would not be going, but he knew better than to question his superiors.
John partially agrees to go on the assignment, but first seeks the advice of his father-figure and friend, retired Admiral Wilson. Even though he is under instructions to talk to, no one, he is prepared to risk and tells the admiral about the journey. The admiral encourages him to go and wishes him luck. He reminds John that he can call him any time to make any inquiries.
John embarks on the journey and boards a plane to Switzerland. The plane he boarded was specially reserved for him, a military plane. He has limited information to work on. What he knows is that the tourists were of different nationalities, they were on a tour bus that stopped for about 15minutes so that the passengers could see a weather balloon that fell. He knows it is going to be hard, but he gets the lucky break and gets the name of the driver of the tour bus. What the driver tells him that they saw a UFO and not a weather balloon. During the adventure he travels to different countries to locate the witnesses. He discovers that what the witnesses had seen was a UFO with aliens in it and not a weather balloon. From the driver, he gets to understand the number of people that had seen the UFO and the nationalities of some of them to get him started on the quest.
What had looked like an impossible task is accomplished and John manages to locate eleven witnesses. He reported each witness he found to his superiors. However, some of the witnesses had talked about a twelfth witness. John finds this strange and decides to go back to the witnesses he had found to inquire wh...

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