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Melancholy of a Drunken Man (Essay Sample)

Using the format of "Rodeo" as a guide, write a 3 page(type) dramatic monologue of your own. The speaker of the monologue may be a fictional character, a famous person( historical figure, writer, artist, musician, celebrity, etc), or may be based on someone you konw personally. The speaker should talk about the past as well as the present and should use language fitting to his/her character. As the writer of the monologue: what theme(s) do you wish to communicate? what tone(s) do you wish to use? Include details about props, lighting, music, costume. Title your monologue. Give 5 sentences before the essay, talk about the theme, props, lighting, music, costume. Monologues= only 1 character talk to the audiences. Please make sure get a title on your essay(monologue) I will upload the essay of Rodeo, and example of how to write the theme, props, lighting, music, costume source..
Melancholy of a Drunken Man
An almost middle-aged man sits in a high chair by a bar table, facing sideways to the audience. He is holding a shot of whiskey. Five shots of whiskey in a line can be seen sideways in the bar table. The lights come up when a noisy background of a bar goes silent. As the light focuses on the man, he is seen playing with one of the whiskey-filled shot glasses, moving the glass in a circular motion with his fingers. He is well-dressed, wearing a black tuxedo which is complemented with black slacks, a white long-sleeved polo shirt, and an embroidered, black neck tie. Right after he takes a shot at the glass of whiskey he is holding, he faces the audience and begins to speak at first in a drunken, frisky voice.
WHISKEY. Ah yes, that definitely hits the spot! What a warm feeling in my stomach. A taste of
heaven… whiskey. They say that in wine, there is truth. I say that in whiskey, there is truth, with a kick! Haha! I`m no alcoholic. I don`t really go to this sort of place. But don`t you just love the ambiance! Drunken men shouting at each other, drunken men who had too much to drink and can`t get up, drunken men`s vomit, drunken men pissing all over the bar, drunken men in a brawl, and I, a drunken man sitting by the bar enjoying a dozen shots of whiskey! Ah yes, alcoholics, piss, spit, sweat, vomit, and whiskey, heavenly isn`t it? All drunk and stupid because of nothing, of something, or of everything.
He then grabs another shot of whiskey. After he takes the shot, he then speaks in a deeper, more serious voice.
Every man in this room may have a reason for drinking too much. It may be just simple, for having a good time with a bunch of ol` friends. Or maybe the thought or gut feeling of just wanting to get really wasted and to puke and piss all over the place. Or maybe that of a deeper reason… like mine. Ah yes, alcohol, my temporary taste of salvation and sanity. It destructs your attention for a few hours, making you forget everything, everyone, but when the sun shines and you wake up the next day, and it all comes back to you, complemented by an unbearable hang-over. You go on with the day like nothing`s wron...
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