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Module #4: FINAL Essay-OpEds Essay 101 Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


The instruction is in the picture, down here is the links for Composition and Text that mentioned in the instruction:


1. Use the topics listed in the syllabus as prompts to write this OpEd essay
2. Every student needs to integrate with other knowledge that you know or by researching the topic is appropriate for this OpEd assignment
3. OpEds offer a means to expanding your knowledge on a topic, writing your, and communication skills using another author’s work to develop new academic platforms.
4. Your OpEd essay can be also be used as a vehicle for expressing your confident voice through the written word-select one
1. stating and defending positions-what is your interpretation and position on the author's work
2. organizing and presenting sets of information- include the information that you knowand have learned about to integrate your voice.
3. or providing examples of content in action- or Action content is content designed to get somebody to take an action. Also, to persuade your audience to believe that they must join you.
5. In this OpEd essay you are allowed to us first-person T very resourcefully as possible.
6. The content, the composing, and the concluding essay should reflect your understanding and critical analysis of a topic:
In composition c, critical analysisis a careful examination and evaluation of a text l- . image, or other work or performance.
Performing a critical analysis does notnecessarily involve finding fault with a work. On the contrary, a thoughtful critical analysis may help us understand the interaction of the particular elements that contribute to a work's power and effectiveness.
But. remember you are required to express and take a position from the above lettered choices to complete your opinion based essay that is...
MLA-formatted (Guidelines attached)
5 numbered pages
Illustration are allowed
In-text citation
No Works Cited page required.


• Selected a topic from below to write an Op-Ed (essay/article) from your perspective, o How has the Covid 19 pandemic effected your family?
o Is the Covid 19 virus a conspiracy made up by the American or another foreign government? o What your opinion about #blacklivesmatter?
o Has law enforcement in American using excessive force on the Black men that have died because of their attempts at arrest? □ Use sourses to support your conversations


Student's Name
Professor’s Name
How has the COVID 19 Pendamic Affected MyFamily
Within the last months of 2019, the whole world begins to undergo an identical trauma COVID 19. The outbreak of the nasty virus with its roaring affliction wrapped the aggregate population of the world by affecting them mentally and socially along with physically. The entire globe is suffering behind the mask, which is only a sense of safety than real safety(Foster). They are suffering from inside, if not outside. I endeavour to expose the impact of COVID 19 pandemic on my family in different ways. How the monster of this communicable disease, while making disastrous losses in more than 231 countries of the world, has generated noteworthy physical, social, psychological, and economic topple for my family. Physical Impact

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