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Minor Assignment 3: Logical Fallacies Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Minor Assignment 3: Logical Fallacies
Listen to me: ENG015 fallacy minor assignment .mp3
Play media comments.
For this assignment, you are asked to look at advertisements with a critical eye. In class, we’ve discussed why the use of logical fallacies in formal academic writing is wrong. However, as you will notice, they are used intentionally in advertisements. Please watch commercials (3 to be exact), look at billboards, and listen to radio ads. Then analyze the fallacy used and the effectiveness of said fallacy. In a 1-2 page typed assignment, describe (summarize) the advertisement, describe the fallacy used and why you think it is that fallacy, and rate its effectiveness.
Please provide proper MLA style citations and, at the end of your essay, add hyperlinks to all advertisements.
Resources to Help You Understand and Identify Fallacies
OWL at Purdue: https://owl(dot)english(dot)purdue(dot)edu/owl/resource/659/03/ (Links to external websites.)
Google Fallacies and Explore!

This is my rubric for this assignment:

Three advertisements are clearly explained and cited
Three advertisements are explained, but the explanations are confusing
Less than three advertisements are explained clearly
Less than three advertisements are explained, but the explanations are confusing
Fallacy Identified
Fallacies are correctly identified and explained
Fallacies are incorrectly explained and so don’t adequately match the ad
Fallacies are correctly explained but do not match the advertisement
Fallacies are neither explained correctly nor matched to the advertisement correctly.
Effectiveness Discussed
The effectiveness of the advertisement is discussed with a focus on previous course discussions on rhetoric and audience appeal
The effectiveness of the advertisement is discussed
The argument for effectiveness is weak
There is no argument for effectiveness

Points equal a grade as follows:
A 94 – 100 B 84 – 86 C 70 – 76
A- 90 – 93 B- 80 – 83 D 64 – 69
B+ 87 – 89 C+ 77 – 79 F 63 and Below
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Logical Fallacies
Advertising today utilizes different tactics to get the consumer to buy the products. This has led to some ads using poor logic to explain to the consumer why they need the product by trying to make it appealing. These forms of persuasions try to manipulate the consumer into why they need the products by trying to latch onto something that might cause the consumer to act that’s when they show their product to be the solution. This essay is meant to analyze these fallacies by looking at three advertisements.
The series of ads ran by Direct TV in 2019 show logical fallacies such as Slippery Slope, black and white and scare tactic used in their advertisement. This was targeted to adults that were frustrated with their cable service and were thinking of changing. The add creates a perception that having cable service will cause misery and self-distraction. This is a slippery slope show a man beaten up and experience personal degradation by being dumped on the roadside insinuating what you might experience if you continue using cable service. The black and white fallacy is them offering a solution encouraging people to switch to Digital TV. The scare tactic is highly effective because the consumer unsure about their cable service will be scared and want to avoid such a scenario happening to them. CITATION htt13 \l 1033 (DIRECTV commercial - Don't Wake Up in a Roadside Ditch)

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