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Minor Assignment 2 - Op-Ed Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Minor Assignment 2 - Op-Ed
1. using a basic google search, or your local newspaper, please read an op-ed article that interests you.
2. Write a 2 page essay that:
- summarizes the article and the author
- discusses the author's rhetorical choices and effectiveness including their use of evidence
- analyzes how/if the author addressed opposition
- if not, please suggest what/how this could have been done
- ends with your overall impression of the article
3. don't forget proper MLA format and citations when needed. And yes, have a works cited.
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Minor Assignment 2 - OP-ED
Community Solutions for Kids
Community solution for kids is an article written by the children's welfare department in America in a local newspaper. The article mainly focuses on the relationships that exist between children, parents, and childcare providers. The author argues that parents are the first teachers to their children (Child Welfare Department, 1). He states that parents teach them the morals and values of their families. On the other hand, he also believes that childcare providers such as neighbors, grandparents, doctors, and coaches play a significant role in influencing children's behavior. Hence, the stability and quality of these relationships affect children's development. The author states that children tend to learn more in their early years; thus, this learning influences their long-term development. The long-term growth determines the type of person the child will be in society.

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