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Microaggression Literature & Language Essay Research (Essay Sample)


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We talked about a variety of different unintentional microaggressions. (Note that intentional microaggressions also exist, but for this essay we are talking about unintentional ones that have no ill will behind them). Typically microaggressions are actions by individuals who have some type of privilege compared to the individuals that they are accidentally creating this microaggression towards. That privilege could be economics related, race related, gender related, orientation related etc. Common targets of microaggressions include people of color, women and other gender minorities, LGB individuals, immigrants, disabled individuals, those of minority faiths, individuals in poverty, etc.
This is a self reflection essay. All of us participate in microaggressions everyday without even knowing it. I would like you to explore 2-3 microaggressions you have previously taken part in. Consider: Why was it so easy to accidentally participate in this? Why was it difficult to realize it was a microagression? What kind of impact did it have on the individual or group that the microagression was unitentionally directed towards? What can you do to lessen your microagressions in the future?
You may wish to reference the White Fragility reading to review some of the reasons why a privileged group may have trouble even noticing that they are disadvantaging a less privileged group as well as for guidance on how to approach recognizing and resolving microagressions.


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Understanding psychological concepts are not only important for the study and appreciation of others, it is also crucial for the development of one’s capacity to improve his attitude and interpersonal relationships with others. Accordingly, one of the common psychological concepts that could help in one’s improvement is ‘microaggression’. Microaggressions are simply defined as a short and infrequent act or attitude, whether intentional or not, that could communicate a derogatory or hostile attitude towards others. Although this is a common occurrence, being aware of what these are could prevent disputes that could have a long-lasting effect on one’s relationships. Thus, in this article, I would like to focus on some of the common microaggressions that I usually commit in my life.

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