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Meta Essay 2 Assignment: Strengths And Weaknesses (Essay Sample)


I uploaded some work we did already, it was corrected by professor. The pink page is this essay assignment. Professor want to add some chart like we did in last meta essay. But the error chart need include essay 1 2 and 3. This time is the final essay to correct all of others which I did before. If you have any questions, just ask me. Thank you!






Meta Essay 2 Assignment

In the first essay were eight errors including: unity errors, word choice, awkward and wordy sentences. In the second essay, there were also awkward sentences, while in the third essay, there were problems of logic and idea development. My strengths in writing include focusing on the topic, building arguments using the available writing resources and using feedback to improve coherence in the revised texts. Previously, I spent less time pre-writing than now even as this is important to idea development and organization Even after learning about grammatical rules errors do occur especially when the revision is not thorough, but feedback helped me to strengthen my writing as I was aware about my weaknesses. I will highlight my strengths and weaknesses in writing, correct the grammatical errors, highlight how to build arguments, achieve paragraph unity and how I have improved my writing.

In the first essay in the conclusion, I wrote

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