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A Mercy: Authorial Techniques To Develop Her Character (Essay Sample)


Read the quote in the assignment, identifying the characters and the context. Then using the following guiding questions, discuss the passage in multi-paragraph format:
What does this passage reveal about Lina?
What authorial techniques does the author employ to develop her character?
Which Elements of Fiction (Plot, Characterization, Setting, Point of View, Style, and/or Theme) and which Layers of Critical Thinking (Narrative, Aesthetic, Mechanical, Dynamic, and/or Connections) work together to give this excerpt significance?


The passage bring to the light the character that had survived a lot. She was being mistreated yet she ends up being strong despite all the challenges that she was facing. From the passage it is clear that Lina was a slave. Tis is relative to the fact that she used to spend her nights with the chicken. This is to mean that she was sleeping with the animals (Chanthavong). Even when the wife came, she did not get better treatment. This goes to sow that the slave owner, who owned Lina, treated her like the rest of his animals. She sleeps in the sheds and the only words that she has spoken to the owner are, Yes, Sir. This is the furthest they have gotten in a conversation with the owner. This is a reflection of the lives that the slaves were subjected to during the early 19th century in America. For the whites they were superior and for the natives and other minorities such as Lina, they were animals and they needed to be tamed by treating them with disdain. She is also seen to be quite caring as she places pebbles under the pillow of the mistress s as to keep her room fresh. She would also use some of the most powerful remedies to pull spirits out of the mistress's body. This goes to sow that she was very traditional which points to her native heritage. She is also see to be quite immaterial, given the way she looks at a

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