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Neurological and Mental Disorder in America: Stress (Essay Sample)


In the introducton we should discuss an overview of the impact stress has and the techniques. In the conclusion we should discuss statistics that show this improvement and pur solution for stress and the improvement of the quality of life of the patientsPeople have to read it. Use big letters, suggested fonts are 36 or 48 for text and 72 or bigger for titles. It may seem like the type is large enough, but beware. As a rule people should be able to read your poster from four feet away, and the title should be able to be read from at least ten feet away.
Don’t challenge people’s eyes. If you choose to use a background, use a light colored background and dark letters for contrast. Avoid dark backgrounds with
light letters - very tiring to read. Don’t make small pictures really big, they will show the pixels instead of the image, and it’s distracting. Don’t use funky font, there’s a reason Times New Roman and Arial fonts are used commonly, because they are easy to read.
If you’re presenting your poster don't read the poster to the audience. Instead, give the big picture of what you did, explain why the subject is important, and use the graphics to illustrate and support your key points.
Setup is important- Balance the placement of text and graphics making it visually attractive. Use white space creatively to define the flow of information. Column format makes poster easier to read in a crowd. Your graphs should look professional and have labels. Determine how big your poster really needs to be, just because you can print a big poster doesn’t always mean you always should. Check how much information you have, and then think about what size you should use.
Take time in your creation. This is a poster about something you have taking the time to study, take the time to present your information professionally. Spell Check. Proofread. Get feedback before printing. Take time to make a practice poster (maybe not even about the subject your presenting on), this will help you get used to the tools of making better posters. If you take the time to make your poster interesting, people might just get interested.
Here are some ideas on what should be included on your poster:
What’s the Health Without Border research Topic?
Why this Topic is important for Health Without Borders (Global Public Health) ?
What strategy/method is used to research the topic e.g., Sources of information, any statistical method used to analyze the data?
What are the results?
Why are these results/conclusion is unique/important?
How does this relate Global Health Issues?
What research/steps needed to prevent/solve this Global Health Issue?

Neurological and Mental Disorder in America- Stress
Chronic stress affects the health of individuals and is a health concern that is not given much attention, despite its impact on the ability of people to function properly in the society. Neurological and mental disorders increase the burden of disease nationally and globally. The use of relaxation techniques, exercises and emphasis on time management reduces feelings of pressure and strain (Biegel 857).
The Health Without Border Research topic is stress as part of neurological and mental disorders in America, which are threats to public health. Importance to (Global Public Health)
The neurological and mental disorders and stress are a public health concerns as the conditions impose a heavy burden those affecting, while the recovery and treatment ought to be more effective to improve the psychological and health outcome. Strategy/method used to research the topic
The sources of information on the prevalence of neurological and mental disorder will focus on data provided by the National Institute of Mental Health- (NIMH) and the World Health Organization. The NIMH uses various data systems and surveys in estimating the prevalence of the disorders, and the data is further broken down into gender, agree, and race, where the data is corroborated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health ...
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