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The Men We Carry In Our Minds By Scott Russell Sanders (Essay Sample)


What is the main idea, or thesis, of Scott Russell Sanders's 1984 essay, "The Men We Carry in Our Minds," and what examples does he give to demonstrate his thesis? This essay was written over thirty years ago-does it still has any relevance today?


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The Men we carry in our Minds
In his essay, Sanders describes his views on issues related to gender and how his perception about these issues has changed over the years. The main idea of his essay is on the differences between gender roles, and how women had it easier than men in terms of roles played in supporting the families. He uses his own personal experiences to illustrate the distinctions between genders in the family dynamics. While I agree with his argument that men and women have different roles, I do not agree with the idea that one gender has it easier than the other.
He describes the roles played by men, especially those in the poor social class as maiming and brutal because they worked manual jobs all day, regardless of the weather (Sanders). He describes how they endured pain, such as back pains from heavy lifting and ulcers in order to support their families (228). Here, he uses pathos to appeal to his readers about the suffering of men, making his readers sympathize with the men too. His uses clear descriptions to appeal to his readers and deliver his argument to them.
Sanders indicates that while growing up, he felt that men were only destined to be either toilers or warriors. However, going to school and reading books showed him that men could be more; they could become politicians or teachers (229). He reveals that even though both men and women were concerned about money, it is only the men who seemed to have failed when there was no inflow of money (229). It is clear from his description that it is only men who got the roles that mattered, and were responsible for ensur

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