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Men and Women Should be Equal in Love (Essay Sample)


Topic is chosen by the writer himself. The teacher gave 4 articles, please write and read the references. Essay requires 5-6 Scholarly/peer-reviewed articles. In addition to the four articles given by the teacher, the writer needs to find two or three Scholarly/peer-reviewed articles and find references. Essay requires three DISCUSSION POINTs and each point requires four references. Please use the standard MLA format.


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Men and Women Should be Equal in Love
The imperative element of love is present in any successful relationship. Behaviors, thoughts and feelings are the highlights of romantic relationships and are greatly connected to communication, dependence, trust, sexual attitudes, commitment, passion, and intimacy. Love is invisible but can felt strongly. The invisibility aspect of love and lack of a predefined sense of describing it has resulted in various prescribed meaning to every individual. On the other hand, love is a multifaceted feeling and thus, can be expressed in different life contexts. Romantic love is different from family love. Based on this assertion, The Story of an Hour, “Hills like White Elephants,” What We Talk about When We Talk about Love, and “The Storm” are resources that provide more insight into the participation of both men and women in the relationship. Love is an emotion that is present in every human and justifies related input from a spiritual perspective, psychologists’ contribution in regards to physical attractiveness, and role of commitment in a relationship.
Kate Chopin’s book, The Story of an Hour, illustrates the role of various facets of love as it unfolds both in a romantic relationship and family setting. It is unfortunate that when Mallard and his wife had an accident, he passes away and while she suffered a head fracture but is yet to hear the news. Her husband’s friend Richards is deemed unsuitable to deliver the news despite his presence. It was her sister Josephine who was chosen instead. Mrs. Mallard’s sister had also come to console her after the demise of her husband (1). In this regard, it is worth noting that this emotion is fundamental in people’s lives and is even an independent factor to human health. A research conducted at the University of Pavia in Italy indicates that being in love is central to the restoration of the nervous system and also triggers the growth of new brain cells. Lovers feel content with life and develop a more calm body and mind (The Independent). In this case, Mrs. Mallard’s state called for people who care for her deeply. Therefore, although people will be reluctant to engage in a romantic relationship, they will seek family love or else love for themselves accordingly. The dynamics that lie in love guarantees varied opinions among people and even experts. In this regard, love can be expressed from a spiritual, literal, psychological, or metaphorical perspectives.
In the present society which is more of patriarchal in nature, men are perceived to be superior in nature. The type of maturity in a great relationship demands escape from the superiority complex. The maturity is more apparent in the story, the “Hills like White Elephants.” The scenes are of an American and a girl at the valley of Ebro in Spain. The story says, “You don’t have to be afraid. I’ve known lots of people that have done it.” “So have I,” said the girl. “Afterward they were all so happy.” “Well,” the man said, “if you don’t want to you don’t have to. I wouldn’t have you do it if you didn’t want to. But I know it’s perfectly simple” (Heminway 595). The ability of a man to offer their partner attention and respect towards their ideas and opinions highlights an elevated sense of maturity (Sipiora 477). The man and girl were engaged in ordinary but meaningful relationships that highlighted the state of the relationship as they drank beer across the lovey that looked and unlooked like white elephants at different time zones. Men and women that hope to achieve this state o...

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