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Christianity Memoir: My True Understanding Of People (Essay Sample)


The article is about Christianity, I will provide a document, in accordance with the documents on the questions and answers to write the composition.


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Memoir Assignment
Part 1: Stories
My life has been an interesting one. Since I was young, my dream had been to become a professional baseball player. I happened to hatch this dream when I was in middle school as a student. It was my sincere dream that baseball as a sport could give me power and identity. The most significant thing about my dream was that I had a coach who really offered encouragement and support to me. He was instrumental in ensuring that my dream became a reality. During my training sessions, the coach offered enough good tips about the sport and life development skills in general. The truth about the game is what shaped my true understanding of people, the game, and life in general.
Everyone is bound to face difficulties, especially when in a new environment. There were some setbacks such as language barrier which truly affected my communication to the rest of the people I encountered both in class and on the baseball pitch. Learning was not easy, so to speak because most of the academic units were in English which I was not conversant with the expected levels. This affected my ability to socialize freely with my peers. Despite the difficulties in all these, I soldiered on because my interest is in learning new things was high.
Top of the most memorable and happy moment's list was my visit to China with my mother. There was a lot to see and experience. While in China, I had a chance to experience the Chinese rare culture and also their mouth-watering cuisine. I remember one evening my mother took me out for a dinner that I will never forget in my entire life. We had Sushi, which is a fresh fish that is properly marinated and was served along with rice. From my observation, the Chinese people do not use spoons, rather, they use chopsticks and they eat pretty fast. I remember having a problem eating rice with the chopsticks which were hard to use, but a worthwhile experience.
In my life, I have had a lot to learn. To begin with, was the art of creating new friends and understanding how to relate to them fluently in English. From this experience, I was able to learn lifelong skills and also was able to go on well with my baseball coach and his instructions. This enabled me to become a good baseball player. This spirit enables me together with my teammates to win our championships in baseball in high school and I was named the most valuable player of the season. My good English enabled me pass my final exams which made me a happy person.
The most important people in my life are my parents and my baseball coach. To begin with, my parents gave birth to me and as such made me exist in this world. They have been my close advisors about life issues and as such, I do respect them for that. My parents have been role models in my life and have taught me everything about our religion which has shaped my value system. They also made sure that they paid the necessary tuition fees that facilitated my school life. Secondly, my baseball coach. He was so inspirational in the sense that he instilled confidence in me and made sure that I acquired the necessary skills in the game that I love so much. The baseball coach made my life so easy because anytime that I needed advice, he was there to offer it. The two were able to challenge me in all aspects of life. They directed me on how to handle challenges whenever they came and they made me develop endurance in all my aspirations. For example, my baseball coach insisted that training thoroughly will see me through my dream.
The most significant memories which I have with my parents and my baseball coach were almost the same. They insisted on achievement and success, but to have humilit...

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