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Medicare For All: Affordable Healthcare Coverage (Essay Sample)


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Medicare for All: Affordable healthcare coverage
In 2018, Sherman (2019) reports that the U.S. spent a whopping 3.65 trillion dollars a figure which is more than the GDP of developed countries like the U.K and Canada. The public continues to sweat as the government goes back and forth with the discussion of how to tame healthcare expenditure. Sherman continues to say that the 3.65 trillion dollars “was an increase of 4.4% over 2017 and, according to the analysis, things will get even worse.” For a nation with the reputation of being the world’s superpower, the U.S. is indeed treading or travelling on a road that is bound to exert more pressure on its citizens. A fact sheet from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services stated that in 2017, the national healthcare expenditure stood at 17.9% of the country’s GDP. The figure is indeed quite significant, and the expectation is that it will continue to grow and citizens will be required to spend more on healthcare. Well, according to U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, these figures need to be curtailed. So, he proposed a bill that is supposed to help the U.S. ensure that all Americans have healthcare coverage. The goal is to make sure that no American will be required to pay anything when they make their usual visit to the doctor. This paper thus seeks to support the idea of Medicare for all and will also share ideas on how the nation can fund Medicare for all.
First of all, Medicare for All means that there is universal coverage. To those earning the bare minimum, this means that they will not be asked to spend more on healthcare. As indicated earlier, a lot of money goes into the country’s healthcare expenditure. So, to have a program where everyone can get help without paying an extra coin means that more people will be relieved of a burden that keeps them in a perpetual cycle of poverty. Personal healthcare expenditure is something that continues to render families poor. Young men and women find themselves bankrupt while on their first jobs because of the amount of money they are forced to spend on maybe a sick parent. With universal coverage of healthcare, the nation will indeed help the citizens save on healthcare costs.
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