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Essay 3 Martin Luther King Junior American Icon (Essay Sample)


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Essay 3
Martin Luther King Junior is historically remembered as an American icon who championed for social change in the history of America. During his lifetime, King was recognized as an icon who fought for the rights of the oppressed, leading civil rights movements and advocating for non-violent philosophy during the 1950s movements (Little 523). Being the undisputed leader of the Civil Rights Movement, King was both loved and hated in equal measures due to the philosophy that he stood for. He participated in numerous events aimed at influencing the government to recognize every human being as being equal. Apart from participating in 1955, Montgomery bus boycott, his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, and his assassination in 1968; King's stand had a moral strength that inspired people to demand justice (U.S. History 1). King's philosophy has been based on two main principles, which include equality and nonviolence. This philosophy played an instrumental role in fighting for civil rights, with his messages being broadcasted across the country and influencing the spread of the Civil Rights Movement. This paper critically analyzes the iconicity of Martin Luther King Junior and the role he played in the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S.
Race-based inequality has been a conspicuous feature in the history of the U.S., both in the past and present. Even though there are certain indications of racial progress in the society, evidence indicates that racial, economic inequality between the Whites and Blacks is significantly high (Kraus, Rucker and Richeson 10324). The fight for equality started decades ago as African Americans organized movements to demand racial equality. King established the Southern Christian Leadership Conference whose main aim was to advocate for the rights of minorities. He led a protest in April 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama, and he considered this place as the most segregated city in America. Boycotts, marches, and sit-ins were organized with the aim of advancing for the rights of African Americans. King’s fight for civil rights was met with ruthless reactions from both the White supremacy as well as the police. For instance, the Birmingham police department led by Bull Connor used dogs and fire hoses to disperse demonstrators, which later led to the arrest of King (U.S. History 1). The event was broadcasted across the U.S., and millions of people were able to witness the brutality of the police as Civil Rights leaders tried to advocate for the rights of minorities.
Through his oratorical style and serene confidence, King became the leading figure in the civil rights struggle during the 1950s and 1960s. He called for a program of inclusion and moderation were the rights of every human being is recognized and a strategy is implemented to enhance equality of everyone in the society (Little 523). Although some of speeches and messages remain questionable, King remains an icon to the less fortunate people in the society. For instance, people questioned his socialist stand and advocating for socialist policies especially when it came to economic equality. In an article entitled “Why was Martin Luther King Jr., a socialist,” Scotty Henricks says that King opposed capitalism ideologies since 1952 and this evidence is available in a letter he wrote to his wife (Henricks 1). In the letter, he said that his economic theory was more socialistic than capitalistic, and this implies that his radicalism begun even before he started his activism. Nevertheless, King’s legacy has been manipulated, sanitized, and even warped, but his role as an advocate for the civil rights and equality of people remain indisputable.
From his famous speech, &ldq...

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