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Mapping The Conversation Essay The Influence Of Computer Games (Essay Sample)


My topic is “the influence of computer games”


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Influence of Computer Games
A computer game, also known as a personal computer (PC) game, refers to a video game that is played on personal computers instead of arcade machines or dedicated video game console. The defining features of a computer game include a more diverse gaming software and hardware as well as greater input, video output, and processing capacity. A computer game is frequently used interchangeably with video games. A video game can be described as anything that allows interaction through the manipulation of computer-generated images that are displayed on a screen. The two essentially refer to the same form of entertainment. However, while computer games are only played on computers, video games can also be played on gaming consoles or arcade machines. The popularity of computer games rose in the 1980s following the crash of video games. However, in the 1990s console games gained traction leading to a loss of market for computer games. Digital distribution in the 2000s led to the resurgence of computer games (Stuart). Today, computer gaming is among the fastest growing and the most popular segment in the entertainment industry (Dillon). The PC gaming sector constitutes the bulk of the industry. In 2016, an estimated 2.2 billion gamers generated an estimated revenue of US4101.1 billion. Mobile gaming was the most lucrative segment in the sector recording a 19% growth in the year to hit $46.1 billion which is approximately 42% of the market. The mobile gaming segment is estimated to represent more than half of the games market by the year 2020 (Wijman). PC gaming is largely associated with the IBM personal computer compatible systems. Smartphones and tablets running on both Android and iOS are also considered personal computers. Today, computer games are viewed from different perspectives by different groups of society. To understand the perception of society regarding computer games, this paper will explore the perceptions of each of these groups. These groups/stakeholders include children, parents, educators, game developers, and the government.
History of Computer Games
Built-in 1950 by Josef Kates, Bertie the Brain was among the earliest game playing machines to be developed. It measured over four meters tall. It was displayed at the Canadian National Exhibition for weeks and visitors were able to challenge its artificial intelligence in varying levels of difficulty. Despite its simplicity, according to modern standards, it marked the start of a long and tedious journey that has led the industry to the point that it is in today (PLARIUM). The development of microcomputers and microprocessors made personal computers popular. However, computer gaming had existed before this era on minicomputers and mainframes. The first generation of computer games has been usually interactive fiction or text-based adventures. By entering commands through a keyboard, the players were able to communicate with the computer (Spring 218). Personal computers were powerful enough to run more sophisticated games such as Adventure by the 1980s. The graphics were also increasingly becoming an important part of the game. In later games such as the Pool of Radiance, textual commands were combined with basic graphics. During this period, the development and distribution of games were done through gaming magazines and lobbyist groups such as the Computer Gaming World. Such publications offered the players game codes that could be entered into computers. Gaming companies capitalized on the success of arcade games and several games were developed in this period.
However, as the field grew, the market became flooded with low-quality games, mostly created by companies struggling to get into the market. This, coupled with the increase in the use of...

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