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How Many Triangular Relationships Are In The Play Hamlet? (Essay Sample)


Need references and citation : topic is the same as the provided one.


Question One
The play has five triangular relationships. Hamlet and Gertrude have a mother-son relationship. Together, they are related to Claudius who is the brother to Hamlet's father. Claudius employs Polonius who is the father to Ophelia and Laertes. Ophelia is in a relationship with Hamlet and her brother Laertes is against that relationship. Claudius hires Polonius to spy on Hamlet and Gertrude and in turn gets killed by Hamlet. Laertes wants revenge for the death of his father and takes up a fight with Hamlet.
Question Two
Hamlet says that the ghost of his father has spoken to him, telling him that his uncle could have had a hand in his death. But it is only Hamlet that the ghost talks to. This is really peculiar and it could be that Hamlet just wants a reason to exert vengeance on Claudius. At one point, Ophelia tells Hamlet that his face was pale and had a ghostly look. The fact that no one else sees the ghost could mean that it is all in the imagination of Hamlet.
Question Three
Ophelia is between a rock and a hard place. While she sincerely loves Hamlet and wants to have a good relationship with him, Hamlet only uses her to fulfil his sexual desires. Her father and brother do not think that Hamlet is good for her. They believe that Hamlet deserves a better man, a man who would make her as a wife because she is destined to be a great mother. Ophelia never wants to disappoint her father and neither does she want to disappoint Hamlet and yet she cannot achieve both (Shakespeare n.p). To add, she has no mother, a woman who would be knowledgeable in this situation to provide her guidance. She drowns in her dilemma; she knows she cannot have it all and yet she can't do without either. It is this situation that drives her crazy and eventually killing her.
Question Four
Hamlet delays killing his uncle because he wants to ascertain if it is really him who killed his father. His moral stance does not allow him to kill his uncle without being sure that he was responsible for the death of the king. So, he waits to ascertain for sure.
Triangular relationships
Hamlet has just returned from to attend the burial of th

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