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On the Image of Men in the Poems of Love and Marriage (Essay Sample)


Suppose you want to write an article about the image of a man in a poem (you don't have to write a whole essay). Now look for 30 sources to support your article, simply stating why you should use this source (must be Mla format
Suppose you want to write an article about the image of a man in a poem (you don't have to write a whole essay). Now look for 30 sources to support your article, simply stating why you should use this source (must be Mla format)


AAAS 433/COLI 480I History of Chinese Literature Bibliography Instruction 1. Suppose you will write a paper, so you need to think about its topic—what you will write about and the theme of the paper—what ideas you want to deliver. Therefore, you should make a title for this paper which should relate to its topic and theme. 2. Research your paper topic and find books and articles that serve as useful references for this topic. 3. Check the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers by the Modern Language Association. There are three ways to access the information in this handbook: 1. Go online: The MLA Style Center (https://style(dot)mla(dot)org/) contains a quick guide for works cited. 2. BU University Libraries’ Reference Room. 3. Purchase the book ($12 online). 4. Make a bibliography of at least 30 entries, including books, articles and sources in other forms. 5. You may also use a few Chinese source materials. For the format for citing Chinese books and articles, you should consult the Chicago Manual of Style. Its online version is at http://www(dot)chicagomanualofstyle(dot)org/home.html. 6. The due date for this bibliography is Monday, November 25.


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The Role of a Man in Marriage
Autor, David, et al. “When work disappears: Manufacturing decline and the falling marriage – market value of men.” CEPR Discussion Paper No. DP11878, 2017.
The article depicts that men are expected to provide for their partners, despite the Chinese law stating that both males and females should cater to the needs of their families. The reading is important in my research since it compares the roles of men in marriage in China and western countries.
Booth, Hannah. “The kingdom of women: The society where a man is never the boss.” The Guardian, 2017, Accessed 24 Nov. 2019.
The article focuses on how anachronistic matriarchy is practiced in Yunna, somewhere in south-west China. On that note, using it in my research will help an individual to know the reason why women in this region rule over men in their marriages.
Budden, Rob. “Why millions of Chinese men are staying single.” BBC Worklife, 2017, Accessed 24 Nov. 2019.
The reading illustrates how “left-over” men are doing whatever they can to get wives in China. In essence, does the search for the right partner to marry enable these males more committed to their roles in marriages?

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