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Literacy Narrative: Reading And Writing (Essay Sample)


Composing Your our literacy narrative Based on SMG pp9 and 10, take the rest of this page to briefly, but neatly, compose your own literacy narrative. Note that your narrative should tell a compelling story, vividly describe the people and places, and convey the significance of the event.


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Literacy Narrative
At this point in my life, I find myself incomplete without reading and writing, but previously I hated reading books and wanted to escape school life in any way. My parents always asked me to work hard, and they had requested my teacher, Miss Maria, to pay utmost attention to my studies. It is all because of Miss Maria that I developed an interest in learning. I still remember how she used to spend hours with me, helping me learn new words and phrases.
Being an international student, I was poor in English and did not know how to improve my scores. Miss Maria brought a dictionary for me and a bunch of books and journals. Those actually helped me to enhance my reading and writing skills. Today, I am working as a school teacher, and my fellows admire my grip

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