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Essential Relationship between Literacy and the Formation of Individual Identity (Essay Sample)


Please compose your response to the question below in the form of a essay of around 550 will be necessary to refer to and quote relavant passages from the texts.the essay should be thesis driven,that is, arguing for a specific and nuanced understanding of the prompt.
how do "why literature?" by mario vargas llosa, "the joys of reading and writing:superman and me" by sherman alexie and radiolabs "words" podcast suggest an essential relationship between literacy(reading,writing) and the formation of individual identity?


Essential Relationship between Literacy and the Formation of Individual Identity
Institutional Affiliation;
According to the sources provided, it can clearly be depicted that the influence that is caused by literacy are significant in the construction of an individual's identity. The Joy of Reading and Writing; "Superman and Me" brings into the stage Alexis character that is cleaved on a mix of culture reflection and references of what it entails to be an Indian in the contemporary American Society.
On the other hand, the book "Why Literature?" brings on board the essence of reading as an essential need that should be done not only when it is convenient to an individual. The radiolab podcast on also provides the essence of words and the reaction of an individual in the absence of language. This paper therefore looks at the literacy and its importance in the formation of identity.
Literacy and its Essential in the Formation of Identity
The author of the book the Joy of Reading clearly depicts the essence of literacy in defining the identity of an individual in the American Society. He gives an illusion of a small Indian boy who has taught himself at an early stage and depicts such Indians as smart and dangerous with wide ridicules they face from their counterparts. According to the author, the Indian children were expected to be stupid and were expected to remain silent in a class setup. These students in the words of the author were monosyllabic before their non-Indian teachers and had no capacity to tell stories and jokes even on their diner tables (Griffith, 2012). In other words, failure was expected to be their destinies, since those who achieved not a thing were ceremonially received and celebrated by other Indians.
The author then alludes to the fact that he never took what fate had determined for him. Today, because of refuting stupidity, he reads literally everything. In spite of all the books he has read, his identity is disclosed in his passion that drove him from being a pediatrician to a writer of novels and short stories...
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