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Litarary Essay (Essay Sample)

1) Minimum, 6 full pages (1500+ words). Get to page 7! 2) Typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, 1” margins 3) Works cited page in MLA format 4) In-text citations in MLA format 5) If the above isn't followed, paper gets ½ points Note: Remember, there are examples of how to properly cite quotations posted on Blackboard under “Writing Aids.” Goal of Assignment: To write a Literary Analysis Paper. Assignment: Using Farewell My Lovely as the primary source, write a response to one of the following topics. Topic #3 In Farewell My Lovely, Philip Marlowe spends a good amount of time walking around Central Ave., an area that experienced a significant amount of integration in the years before World War 2. Chandler had a difficult task: to represent a largely African American community that had rarely been represented before from a “realistic” perspective–25 years before the Civil Rights movement. Therefore, he had to represent bigots as they were: bigots. But he also had to differentiate these bigots from people who were relatively open-minded for the time, including the character Marlowe himself. Yet sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between bigoted language and behaviors from respectful language and behaviors, because the entire era was segregated. For instance, Marlowe's referring to African Americans as “Negroes” and/or “colored” was respectful in 1940, but today would sound ignorant or uninformed. This ignorance can be seen with relationships with other characters in the book, including “Indians” and people from Chinese and Japanese descent, among others as well.* Using a good number of specific examples throughout the text, and including academically acceptable sources to better understand the historical background, discuss Marlowe's relationships with characters with these backgrounds, and explain to the reader to what extent you feel like he is “respectful” to these communities as compared with “bigoted” or “ignorant?”* Organizing Suggestions: 1) Your essay should have an introductory paragraph that includes a thesis statement. 2) Your essay should have a brief summary of who the main character is, what he initially sets out to do, and a bit of info about who/what seems to get in his way. This may be part of the introductory paragraph or a paragraph of its own, but it should be early in the essay 3) Are you doing something that might require a definition for the reader? For instance, are you writing on “gothic,” and the reader may need to know what you think that means? Go ahead and add a paragraph on that early on, so the reader understands what you mean by the terms. 4) Your essay should have a concluding paragraph. Possible organization of body paragraphs: 1) Topic sentence (What are you going to discuss in this particular paragraph?) 2) Help the reader understand what is going on at the time of the quote (Where is this scene taking place? Who is there? What is going on?) 3) Cite quote 4) Explain Quote! How/Why does it show your thesis is correct? source..

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Litarary Essay
Philip Marlowe, the book`s main character is a soft-hearted, tough-talking, fragmentary character who acts as a personal detective with a soft heart and never gives up at any point. He lives and works by himself and is happy to be single. He actually spends most of his time alone; nonetheless, he has an ironic sense of humour and eyes for threat and magnificence. Most females like articulating their appeal for him, yet he does not commit himself with any but manages to deal with some closely and have a misleading absorption for the one who by all accounts is departed. Philip demonstrates the singlehood; not over pursuing ladies with alcohol to obtain information and he does not rush to attach him to any woman for a long term relationship.
It is certainly not the narrative`s schemes, in any case, not if criticized by the values of a customary obscurity where all is thought to be enfolded in a precise slight wrap up at the finish. The story begins with the irresponsible Marlowe`s inquisitiveness landing him in the grasp of Moose Malloyx, a criminal as huge as a cocktail trail who had a moment ago been discharged from jail and he settles on to celebrating his liberty by killing a "nigro" who was adamant about backing Malloy up in locating Velma, his aged flare, CITATION Cod11 \l 2057 (Griggs). Her situation and distinctiveness presents as the essential obscurity, as they unfasten and shut down the account, although as Marlowe searches for answers, he is able to discover danger of every manners.  He finds out that; a coorperate young man in Hollywood got killed, a two-timing spouse to the millionaire, an intuitive dealer in drugs with a strong American citizen armament, daughter to an intense police captain who contributes to Marlowe investigation for danger; rough, supple, muted, quick, curved and deep cops and the whole thing amid.
Marlowe`s temperament is an immense motivation for the narrative to be so enjoyable and though he has not grown ever from the time when he was head of state excursion; he appears to have long-ago the aim of transform, he has bestowed enormous profundity. Marlowe does not get to the bottom of anonymity as in the way of Sherlock Holmes, where manual understanding is used or in the vicinity of mystical powers of surveillance, although each to a degree takes part in his collection.  As an alternative, he monitors individuals, and attempts to press on their knobs, and employs his inflexible familiarity with the murky part of human personality to formulate judgments.  Frequently, his presumptions are mistaken; however, he insists on checking on escorts and jangling confinements in anticipation to get an answer.
The author presents the wisecracking Marlowe as an apparently uncomplicated, daily "man`s man." However, there is a multifaceted and tentative innermost outline in Marlowe, who t...
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