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Linguistic and Social Structures (Essay Sample)

An argumentative research essay that considers the relationship between linguistic and social structures. Produce an argument that clearly defines your position, based on linguistic's and cultural studies considerations, and explains your reasoning with specific examples. You must include at least four scholarly outside sources to support your argument. This should be a minimum of 10 pages (double space, Times New Roman, 12 point font, one inch margins, 0 point paragraph spacing. Also compare movie Pride and Prejudice language used then and answer questions such as: kinds of language or terminology stand out, differences in language or terminology systems, how do differences create disconnects in communication within the story, what kind of language specifically deals with gender relations, kinds of terminology used with regard to women when only male characters appear in the scene, what does it say about gender relations then and in the present day, how is interrogation scene language meant to convey to the audience, what do the non-verbal cues or elements mean in the clips, what is the nature of the dialogue and does dialogue or action drive the movie, what social structures emerged through this dialogue, how does language help to form social structures, compare language with social structures in the film. source..

Linguistic and Social Structures
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Linguistic and Social Structures
Relationship between Linguistic and Social Structures
Thesis Statement:
Linguistics being an outgrowth of anthropology, it has its roots in the social and natural sciences.
Linguistics being an outgrowth of anthropology, it has its roots in the social and natural sciences. There are several relationships that exist between language and society. One is that social structure may either influence or determine linguistic structure or the behavior of a given set of individuals in a society. On the other hand, linguistic structure and/or behavior may either influence or determine social structure or the way people in a given place have their social setting. In some cases, the two concepts can have a bi-directional relationship language and society may influence each other. Every language accommodates such differences as a non-discrete scale or continuum of recognizably different linguistic 'levels' or styles, known as registers, and every socially mature speaker, as part of learning the language, has learned to distinguish and choose among places on the scale of register. (G. Hudson, Essential Introductory Linguistics. Blackwell, 2000)
The film Pride and Prejudice
Pride & Prejudice is a classic novel by Jane Austen brought brilliantly to life in this film adaptation. The descriptive language used in the 19th century allows the movie to really have a life of its own. Knowing that the title is something that is usually found on a high school reading list, I was wary of how interesting this movie could possibly be. The director, Joe Wright, who hasn`t had many big movies under his belt, did a fascinating job. The flick stars Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet, a young woman who`s the second eldest of five sisters who are all to be courted and married off as soon as possible. A rich but somewhat goofy character, Mr. Bingley (Simon Woods), moves to their town and brings his pompous and rude friend, Mr. Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen). Of course there is going to be love and hardship, as Elizabeth`s sister falls in love with Mr. Bingley and Elizabeth grows a hatred for Mr. Darcy. The scenes in this film make you wish you had grown up during the 19th century in England. The lavish gowns and splendid balls that lasted more than a couple of days make present-day American social life seem dull. Elizabeth Bennet is so easy to immediately fall in love with due to her intelligence and witty sarcasm about how men and courtship are a wasteful entity in life. Her strong-willed personality and the actual acceptance of it is what makes this film so satisfying. The characters are so believable and to picture oneself in the midst of keeping a family afloat is something that many people can connect with. Confusion of love also is a key theme and it makes things quite humorous. The banter bet...
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