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Assignment About Like Water For Chocolate Love And Lust (Essay Sample)


Develop a question about Like Water For Chocolate of the topic of love and lust, then gather evidence in the book, find the quotation the quotes has to be found in the book with the page number, you cannot find any evidences on the internet or other materials, because its like a in class essay the only source we have is the book itself. Then draft the thesis statement, and completing the whole essay. the quotes don't have to be much 2-3 for the whole essay would be fine and the structure of the essay its like a introduction( with topic sentence, thesis statement - one sentence that presents the whole theme. and the first paragraph doesn't have to contains the quote. then 2-3 body paragraph to analysis the question that you created. one or two quotes per each body para would be fine. then the conclusion paragraph. it's a high school in class essay you don't have to write in many good vocabs or beautiful sentence, you don't have to write in a very high quality sentences or structure but the analysis must be very deep and specific. my teacher really loves to see the deep analysis.
ps: the quotes have to find in the book with the page number and cited.
thank you so much

Like Water for Chocolate- love and lust: Theme of love and lust
The possibility that love and lust coexist is apparent in the novel Like Water for Chocolate. One relevant question to be considered is, “ do people choose love over lust and vice versa.” The story is mainly set in Mexico and briefly mentions San Antonio, Texas where lovers go through rejection and challenges to be with each other. Esquivel the novelist further explores family relations and how this affects the way people act around each other. It is evident that some people choose lust while others choose love. Even when placed in similar situations some individuals are likely to be lustful as they focus on the short term pleasures. The relationship between Pedro and Tita exemplifies love and lust, while that of Gertrudis and her lover is the result of lust.
Pedro Loved Tita the youngest sister of the De La Garza family but could not marry her and so he decided to marry the oldest sister Rosaura to be close to Tita. “No, Papa, I am going to marry with a great love for Tita that will never die," (Esquivel 6). In the passage Pedro’s father asked him why he was getting married to someone he did not love, but Pedro made the decision to be closest to his true love Tita. Even after marring Rosaura, Pedro lusted after Tita choosing to stay in the ranch close to Tita and even had an affair with her when she was engaged to John Brown.
Tita cooks a dish in rose petal sauce that is flavored and properly cooked that her eldest sister Gertrudis eats the food with so much passion that he runs out naked because of the erotic desires. “By then the scent of roses given off by her body had traveled a long, long way,” (Esquivel 22). The scent from Gertrudis’ body attracted the attention of a soldier in the battlefield who lusted at the woman after seeing her naked. the rose-scented smoke was sweet and resulted in Gertrudis’ body giving off so much heat, and this indicates passion as Gertrudis eloped with the a rebel leader. As indicated in the passage, “This woman desperately needed a man to quench the red-hot fire that was raging inside her,” (Esquivel 23).
In the novel, the love between Tita and Pedro is like a spiritual bond, such that the two continued to see each other outside the marriage structure. Tita was unable to love anybody else as Pedro, and it is through the forbidden love that Tita was able to use her ‘magical power’ in cooking, that those who ate her food felt specific emotions. “Gazing at each other with infinite passion, they released the passion that had been contained for so many years (Esquivel 117). The passage in the novel is the last chapter where ...
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