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Our Life Is All About Emotions And Choices (Essay Sample)


In this part of the essay, I would like you to discuss an event in your own life when mixed feelings prompted you to delay making a decision about something.






Emotions and Choices

Life is all about choices. Some very critical and others not so important. Some whose effects will be felt throughout our lives, and others whose consequences we laugh off and get on with life as if nothing happened. Having choices makes life worth living. Making choices is really about taking control of our lives. It is about taking the driver’s seat and steering our lives in the direction we like most. Caution and frequent advice here and there is paramount. I cannot imagine a world where we had no choices. It would be so deflated and flat. However, the problem is that most of the decisions or choices we make are not easy. A mixture of emotions takes us to edge. For a moment, both choices seem equal and similar. In another moment, they look worlds apart, but similarly beneficial. We get overwhelmed, fearful, and irritated. Though a little emotion may help us in placing a finger on a certain choice, too much emotion interferes with our logic and we might end making the wrong decision. It is on this fork road that we frequently find ourselves. Unfortunately, we usually do not have a lot of time to make the decision. We, therefore, close our eyes, clench our teeth, and let the confusing gut feeling or the most dominant emotion win. We then cross our fingers and wait for the best to happen. At times, the worst happens.

Being a student, a way of making some extra income is always a welcome idea. You would, therefore, expect a student to be overwhelmed when such a chance presents itself. I was so excited about getting this opportunity. Within minutes of receiving the news, I had started seeing myself in the position and making hundreds of plans. I was already coming with a schedule that would ensure my academics were not hurt by the side job and thinking of how I would improve saving skills.

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