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Legalization of Marijuana: The Growth of the Economy (Essay Sample)


legalizing marijuana
Use the attachment as an outline for all areas that are to be addressed.


Legalization of Marijuana
The use of Marijuana has been misconstrued across the globe. Many people perceive that the drug has more negative effects than positive ones. This is far away from the truth, since the use of Marijuana is of great importance to the nation; as a source of revenue through the tax levied to Marijuana traders, the growth of the economy through an increase in trading activities as well utilized for medicinal benefits. It is due to its medicinal nature that made doctors ever since the 20th century to advocate for the use of Marijuana in dealing with the bad effects of cancer and glaucoma. However, Marijuana has negative impacts on those utilizing and also to the community at large. For instance, Marijuana is regarded to be a major facilitator of the downfall of the young generation. Its utilization leads to addiction, also introduces the users to major serious drugs such as cocaine with more adverse impacts. Despite the small challenges, the utilization of Marijuana should be legalized as its benefits outweigh the challenges. The paper gives an analysis on why the utilization of Marijuana should be legalized and also covers some adverse effects of Marijuana.
Background Information
Marijuana has a long history of human utilization. The hemp plant was traditionally grown for medicinal purpose as opposed to nowadays where it is utilized as a drug for getting high. It originally evolved in central Asia then after introduced to other regions of Africa, Europe and then America. The fibers from Hemp plant were used to make paper, clothing, rope, and sails. The seeds were consumed as food. Due to its importance and capacity to be cultivated at ease, it made many to grow through the period of colonial America and Spanish missions in the southwest. It then spread to Virginia, Massachusetts and Connecticut colonies in the early 1960s. The early hemp plant had low tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a substance for mind altering. In early 500BC burned seeds of Cannabis were found in Shamans in China.
Proof or Confirmation
1. The prohibition has more social costs
The prohibition of the use of Marijuana has led to wastage of resources that otherwise would have been used to improve our lives. The police officers spend most of their time chasing the Marijuana users, with the aim of arresting them, charge them and imprison them for over decades. The reason for this could just be due to possession of Cannabis for their consumption. According to the research done on the effects of Marijuana (2014), over 658,000 people were arrested in the year 2012 by America's Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I). This is opposed to those utilizing cocaine, heroin, and derivatives, which were extremely low; 256,000. The arrests consume time as well as keeping officers away from urgent issues. Studies furthermore revealed that every year, in the US laws of enforcement against marijuana costs $3.6 billion. Also, the culprits are arrested and those who go to the court take years for their cases to be determined. With the persistent problems of underdevelopment and unemployment, the arrest of a single user of Marijuana will automatically have dire consequences. It is therefore important to legalize the use of Marijuana to avoid all these costs.
2. Marijuana has legitimate medical effects
Marijuana can be used as a preventive as well as a cure for many of the human chronic diseases. Medical reports on Marijuana as a medical element reveal that laws have been passed allowing some patients to utilize Marijuana. In this regard, Epilepsy patients were allowed to use this drug. It is also crucial since it can be utilized to reduce the pains caused by AIDS and nausea. Scientific research concerning ...

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