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Legalization Of Euthanasia: Legal Options For The Patients (Essay Sample)


According to two resources I gave("should i help my patient die?" and "Simon's choice"), writing one paragraph which should contact and support the main idea of the essay. It's a group work, so just write one paragraph. The resources need to be summary and cannot just copy from the annotated bibliography.


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Legalization of Euthanasia.

Euthanasia is a term used to describe the termination of an ill person's life for them to be relieved of suffering resulting from the illness. Euthanasia is only applied in cases where a person is very ill or is suffering from an incurable disease or condition. In a country like the UK, euthanasia is illegal. For a long period, euthanasia is one of the topics that have been debated extremely. Legalization of euthanasia has been on debate for many years with people having different views towards the moral and the legal options for the patients and the health care professionals. The health care professionals are faced with moral predicaments when it comes to treating and caring of the intense ill patients. They are forced to make a hard choice when it comes to the moral predicament relating to euthanasia. Euthanasia should be legalized because I believe that it is up to the final decision of the patient suffering.

To some people, euthanasia is a form of murder. In a moral point of view, a health care professional has the responsibility to respect the decision of a patient. However, it is not an easy decision when it comes to decide whether to conduct euthanasia or not to a patient based on the religious and legal circumstances of a person. In some countries, patients who undergo through intense suffering are allowed to die with honor while in some countries they completely disapprove the conducting of euthanasia (Pereira, p.18). For that reason, you find some individuals in the countries that condemn euthanasia convincing stakeholders to legalize the conduction of euthanasia (Back and Wallace, Starks, Pearlman, 919-925.).

In a religious point of view, the religious leaders view euthanasia as an unnecessary act because they believe that pain and suffering is not only a medical problem but also a physical pain. They view pain and suffering a condition that arises from psychological, spiritual and religious factors (McMahan p. 1...).These views have altered the debate opinions of euthanasia. The fact that a health care professional having the responsibility to respect the decision of a patient has been ignored.
Refusing to legalize euthanasia is seen as failing to respect a patient’s right as the doctor fails to help the suffering patient die. Many people do not

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