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Learning Computer (Essay Sample)

Assignment For an audience constituted of members of your English 100 class, compose an essay wherein you explain a concept related to the theme of technology. Of course, we are defining technology in the broadest sense of the term, as “the practical application of knowledge especially in a particular area.” Choosing this “area” will help you focus your discussion and structure your academic essay. Though we will be doing some research, I would urge you to choose a concept that you already have some experience with. Should contain 1-3 sources and cite them using MLA formatted citations Should contain a Works Cited page that directs the reader to the sources Page-length: 3-5 pages double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font, 1” margins. Genre Concept Essay Contexts, Definitions, and Rationales For this paper, you should write an academic essay in which you explain a particular concept to a group of your peers. This essay moves us further into “closed-form” prose, which presents more constraints than the “open-form” prose we saw in Assignment 1. You will see that there is still plenty of room for the active, creative mind to maneuver. There will be a place for description and concrete details. In fact, effective writing will demand that it. Writing exists on a continuum from open to closed forms and many features of open-form prose can appear in primarily closed-form texts. Even the dominant composing strategy of our first assignment—narration—though commonly associated with literary forms, useful to much closed-form writing and this essay in particular. Explaining a Concept Essay Guidelines A. The completed essay should be submitted on Blackboard. B. The essay should explain a concept that falls under the broader theme of technology. C. The essay should have a thesis, which is explicitly stated and defines your concept for the reader. D. The essay should have a title and an introductory paragraph that promote interest. E. The essay should develop and support claims that explain your chosen concepts and evidence (personal, field, and library research) that supports your claims. F. The essay should use the methods of explaining a Concept listed in the Concept Reading. G. The essay should have effective transitions (between sentences, paragraphs, and larger sections). H. The essay should be free of mechanical, grammatical, and usage errors. This form should help students at the writing center focus on the main ideas, structure, and format of the essay assigned. This form should be used along with the MA#2 prompt and any lecture notes that the student has. Main Ideas - The Concept Essay should have a strong Thesis focused on definition. - The Main Goal of this Essay is to establish a community definition for a concept used by said community (For example: Success to a College student is…) - The technology can be any skill or tool. The community can be large (drivers) to small (a sports team). - The essay should unpack the term (Concept) for the reader using tools of Concept Definition discussed in class: Defining, Classifying/Dividing, Comparing/Contrasting, Narrating a Process, Illustrating, and/or Reporting Causes or Effects Structure - The Writing should be a traditional Essay with a introduction, Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion. - The Body Paragraphs should focus on the Tools of Concept Definition mentioned above. - One to Three outside sources can be used. These sources should be cited in MLA format. - Proper paraphrase and quoting guidelines should be maintained. Form - This essay should have a Header with the Last Name of the student and the page number at the right hand side. - It should be double spaced without and never have more than two spaces between any line on the page. - It should be in Times New Roman or Calibri 12 point font. - It should be between 3 (full) and 5 pages long. - It should contain a Works Cited in MLA Format. source..
Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: Technology: Computer Use of computer in our community has revolutionized the way people relate, communicate and work together. Development of computing technology has developed over the years. Use of computers has brought many advantages to the community it had made work easier and faster. Before introduction of computers work what was being done were taking much longer time hence being expensive and slow. Use of computers is also able to handle huge amount of information unlike the conventional communication channels and working tools. This had enabled the community to be able to manage its information properly. The level of reliability while working has also increased unlike other tools which could not be depended upon. Information management had been a challenge for long for the community and introduction of computers in the society has enabled them to manage information both personal and business oriented. Accuracy of transactions has increased tremendously with release on new software’s as time progresses (Dodano, 2006). The developers have invested a lot on ensuring that the system output is almost 100% accurate unless it had been feed with the wrong inputs. Quality of information has also improved and use of social websites as means of communication have also increased over time this has changed the traditional means of communication. The community is able to share information through the internet and use of computers. Information as it has been argued by many is “Power” hence the community is able to gain synergy from the information being shared because it tends to enlighten them on areas which they need knowledge. Storage and retrieval of information by the community has improved as the storage technology of computers has been developing to ensure that the storage devices are smaller in size but large on storage capacity. How data and information is stored have also improved tremendously hence reducing the time spent searching for it and retrieval of data/information when required. Unlike the typewriters which were used by the community for typing documents introduction of computers has made it easer to type a doc...
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