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Leadership Potential In Changing Our Society: Lord Of The Flies (Essay Sample)


Directions: You have already written a paragraph that answers the question: “What is something that you do now, or could do now, to make your community a better place?” You’ve also written a paragraph that proves that there’s a problem to be solved.
Now, as we consider leadership potential in Lord of the Flies, your goal is to identify a leader who is helping to address the problem in which you’re interested. Who is a person who has made a difference with respect to this problem? The person does NOT have to be a member of your particular community; he or she simply has to be interested in the same social issue as you.
Your paragraph should ...
1. Be at least 8 sentences long
2. Begin with a topic sentence that makes it clear and specific what the paragraph will be about. Your paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that answers the question: What makes (or made) this person a leader in this area?
3. Stay on topic - The rest of your paragraph should support that answer with evidence. You might address SOME of the following (don’t try addressing all of them!):
a. What are some qualities of this person that makes him or her a leader?
b. How did this person develop these qualities?
c. What have other people said about this person and/or about his/her qualities?
d. What kind of educational background or training does this person have?
e. What is some surprising or interesting background information about the person?
f. Do you see any similarities between yourself and this person?


A Leader in Changing our Society
The American Waste Control was built on true values by Kenny Burkett. Burkett saw a need to manage waste in society and relentlessly built on a mechanism to bring improvements on garbage collection and disposal. The desire was also to solve the needs of the neighbors where he lived, especially on the issue of waste. With the problem identification, Burkett founded the American Waste Control and with one track and few customers, he offered the best waste management solutions to the Tulsa community (Garbage Man). Morgan says that Burkett was key in implementing recycling to a place with the lowest recycling rates in the country. Through a community ini

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