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Latino Immigrants in the United States-Health and Health Care (Essay Sample)

This paper will address the topic of “Immigrant Groups in the U.S.—Specific Health Care Needs and Health Problems.” The paper should focus on how one specific immigrant group may have specific needs for care, health problems, or perceptions and biases about the medical establishment. Use as your model the assigned reading on “Caribbean Immigrants in the United States-Health and Health Care,” which you will find in the “Course Readings” link under COURSE INFORMATION. Depending on the population you have selected to write about, a good place to begin is with the resources available from “Stanford University's Curriculum in Ethnogeriatrics”. You can reach this site at the following URL: www(dot)stanford(dot)edu/group/ethnoger/ You can also find additional information in the databases available through the LIBRARY tab in Blackboard. Be sure to know the difference between an “immigrant” group and an “ethnic” group. Before submitting your paper, check your spelling and grammar, to be sure your work reflects college-level literacy. NOTE: Your paper must be submitted through SafeAssign SafeAssign Instructions -- Under Week 11 for COURSE MATERIALS you should submit your draft version as "Paper DRAFT." This version is not graded; it is designed for you to examine the SA report before submitting your paper for assessment. When you are satisfied with your work, you must then submit your paper for grading under "SUBMIT PAPER HERE." Your paper will automatically be graded and included in the SafeAssign database. source..
Name: Professor`s Name: Course Title: Date: Health Care Needs and Health Problems: Latino Immigrants in the U.S. The erosion of health insurance and the soaring costs of healthcare are two main long-standing challenges that face every American. These challenges are particularly severe for in-migrants to the United States, who have limited or no access to services of health care and very low rates of insurance. In reality, roughly one-half of all in-migrants are not covered by insurance. This level is approximately threefold the level of native citizens. Since numerous immigrants do not have insurance, they confront serious roadblocks to health care and mostly pay out-of-pocket every time they receive medical care (Patel and Rushefsky 45). Latinos face many roadblocks to medical aid. Community and school surveys, focus group and interview data show that a huge percentage of Latinos are not covered by insurance. The rising number of Latino patients in public hospitals who just have emergency Medicaid coverage or who meet the criteria for charity care are further indications of the soaring rate of uninsured individuals. This gives an impression of national trends; Latinos show the highest uninsured rates among racial and ethnic groupings in the United States (Montero-Sieburth and Meléndez 34). Culturally appropriate care and interpreter services are crucial to offering good healthcare to Latinos. Providers of health care in these rustic communities are attempting to address cultural barriers and language, though they are haltered by inadequate number of bilingualisms in the health profession and a lack of third-party indemnification for translator services. Bilingual personnel and volunteer or on-call interpreters assist in meeting interpretation requirements in hospitals, community clinics and community health centers. Communication is even more difficult in private doctor practices, where Latino patients regularly take family members, friends or bilingual personnel from religious organizations or social services to interpret (Aguirre-Molina, Molina and Zambrana 64). Latino immigrants have difficulties in accessing private health insurance. Insurance sponsored by employers is the pillar of health coverage for lots of American citizens and is not meant for immigrants. Census data analyses have established that a fundamental explanation for this absence of coverage is that in-migrant employees, mainly Latinos, are more unlikely to be provided with insurance by their employers compared to citizen employees. Work-based health cover is given to eighty-seven percent o...
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