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To Kill A Mockingbird Essay. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


 Please follow the rubric, and make sure the essay doesn’t have grammar mistakes. Everything you list out should have 2 quotes to proof it, you need to gave 3 evidences. So that’s mean in total you need to have at least 6quotes. 2 quotes for one body paragraph. Thank you!


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To Kill A Mockingbird Essay
Racism is one of the challenges that have been facing people from different ethnic origins. The issue of racism goes back to the colonial era, where the whites discriminated against African Americans. In Harper Lee's novel To Kill A Mocking Bird, he outlines the story of Tom Robinson, who was accused of having raped a white woman. His case became challenging to solve because most of the towns' people believed that he had committed the act. Therefore, racism in Maycomb resulted in unjust actions that led to Tom being accused of a crime that he never committed.

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