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The Life and Times of Julius Caesar (Essay Sample)

Write a Bibliography and facts about julius cesear make use quotes and other facts about him and what he did during his life time source..
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The Life and Times of Julius Caesar
Among the most notable Roman emperors, Julius Caesar stands out from the rest due to his interesting perception of power and the manner at which he was heinously assassinated. This distinguished statesman and military conqueror is famously remembered for his conquest of Gaul and the manner at which he revolutionized the Roman Empire into a monarchy which covered the whole of the Mediterranean region. This paper seeks to describe some of the major highlights of Julius Caesar life so as to know who he truly was.
A brief bibliography of Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar was born in either 102 or 100 BCE (Ultimate Italy) and both his parents had royal and noble kinship. At the age of 18 years when he was proscribed for defying emperor Lucius Cornelius Sulla, but he was later on pardoned (Mc Manus). This promethean state of mind marked an onset of a perception which made Caesar to be objective and dictatorial in his rulership (Lendering). He begun his political career in 85 BCE by joining the Roman army and his valor in war earned him various military awards (Ultimate Italy). After Sulla died, the potential emperor returned home in 78 BCE as a lawyer and this position allowed him to get access to the common people and know how they think (Mc Manus). Throughout his life Caesar drew the attention of people to him with an aim of highlighting his nobility a good example is the speech he delivered at his aunt’s funeral (Mc Manus). In 67 BCE Caesar was appointed to the Senate and married Pompeia and two years later he was given the responsibility of Curule Aedile a position which paved the way for him being announced as the praetor in 63 BCE (Mc Manus).
Throughout his life Caesar had clear objectives towards his political ambition (Lendering). This was so true to the extent that he made all efforts even unwillingly getting remarried and engaging in underhand deals so that he could establish various political pacts and alliances which favored his ambition (Mc Manus). In 58 BCE Caesar initiated his conquest of Gaul and in 51 BCE he felt that h...
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