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Judith Donath: Analyzing The Different Thoughts And Ideas (Essay Sample)


Throughout the term, we explored many different topics including: Rhetoric, Rhetorical Analysis, Rhetorical Situation, Rhetorical Appeal, Rhetorical Modes, Arguing A Position, Oral Presentations, Drafting + Revising, etc... To better understand these concepts we often referred to various supporting materials including: persuasive articles, persuasive speeches, personal essays, poetry, etc...
For your Self-Reflective Essay, I'd like you to choose one of the concepts we covered during the term and choose one piece of supporting material that explored the concept and write a 1- 2 page self-reflective essay assessing how the concept and supporting material altered your view of the topic -or, how evaluating the topic changed your approach to writing. Essentially, I am looking for you to react to the material as an individual studying to be a more proficient writer and analyze how your understanding of writing has changed over the course.
To better articulate what I am looking for, here are a few examples of the topic and the corresponding supporting material:
When we discussed "Oral Presentations" we watched TedTalk Amy Cuddy's "Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are.
When discussing "Rhetorical Analysis", we read an opinion piece by CNN's Judith Donath, titled, "Why Fake News Thrives Online",
and when discussing "Arguing A Position" we read "Last Rites for Indian Dead" by Susan Shown Harjo, "Story About the Body' By Robert Haas, "Terrible Deer" by Zachary Schomburg and "I Have a Theory About Reflection" by Renee Ashley.
Choose the ones listed above. (Use the source, article or ted talk listed above)
More instruction is attached.


Student`s Name
Self-Reflective Paper- Rhetorical Analysis
As a literature student, I've learnt to appreciate the value of other peoples` works. Through analyzing the different thoughts and ideas presented by the authors on different issues in society I have gained immeasurable knowledge and better understanding of how rich a mind can be. The analysis of the works of Judith Donath is no exception as it presents validating reasons on the importance of keeping it real even as we share ideas with others. But even in the process of advocating for real news instead of fake, care should be given so as not to provoke peoples` beliefs and perceptions.
My passion in writing has always been great, and even throughout my coursework I never fail to give a critical approach towards anything I find my eyes viewing. For this reason, therefore, I'vealso developed the tendency not only to look at the content from its basic side, but I also tend to focus more on asking “why”. My critical thinking abilities have inculcated in me a culture of being naturally curious, I always want to know why and how something happened. I believe in what Judith Donath says about fake news and how harmful it can be. Many a times we tend to believe something just because it was writt

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