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Literature and Language: Journal Entry 7 (Essay Sample)

All related to the final research paper i order to you. Journal Entry 7 (1) How is your research process coming along? Please share the good, bad, and the ugly, please. (2) Were you able to locate ten sources for your annotated bibliography? If not, what factors prevented you from achieving this requirement? (3) Are you certain all of your sources are current, relevant and reliable? If not, what is your plan for tracking down more authoritative sources? (4) Have you begun drafting your research paper? If so, please update on how your research proposal plan for meeting your goals is working out: are you successfully adhering to stated study/writing times, zero tolerance for procrastination, etc. If not, what are you going to do different during week 8? If yes, what helped you to stay on track and meet your success goals? (5) Share at least one specific "aha" moment (surprising fact, statistic, quote, realization) you had this past week regarding your research topic: did you learn something new? Were your eyes opened to something you hadn't thought about or realized? source..
Journal Entry 7
My research is coming along fine. The topic is very interesting and also enlightening. I am finding out so many ill effects of chemicals and hormones in many processed foods. And yet the Food and Drug Administration which is the main body that is supposed to control these are not very strict. The bad thing is that, I suspect, there are a lot of corporate lobbying going on so that many processed foods gets the approval of the FDA. The usual response of the FDA is that the small amounts of chemicals are not dangerous but the problem is that when there are so many products going around with those so-called "small amounts;. My problem is that the I am tempted to expand my research topics because these dangerous chemical are not only present in the food we eat but everywhere-from shampoo to plastic bottles to the air we breathe. Corporations are also releasing their own scientific findings which support their products so its gets confusing sometimes. I was able to locate many sources and very credible ones but the problem is that corporations making processed foods can also come up with their findings and say they are "scientific." I am very certain that my sources are very credible sources since they come from credible institutions and the integrity of the findings as well as the researchers cannot be questioned. The only problem is that in the real world, the findings supporting my thesis seemed to be downplayed and considered as insignificant. For one, there are gigantic corporate and market forces operating that advertise processed foods. Second is that people`s lifestyles work in consort with the fast food culture of modern society.
I have started drafting my research paper and my problem is how to organize my argumentation so that the paper will come out very logically presented. Honestly I have procrastinated a lot of times but fortunately I am still working on track. I am confident that I can finish the work on time. Next week I would be conscious of my daily things to do list and ...
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