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Journal 9 (Essay Sample)

Complete Exercise 5.1 (pages 189-190) in the CR, following all the steps as indicated. Share the results of your highlighting experience in your Week 9 Journal Entry. And Share any thoughts you have about your process of combining your own thoughts on your chosen subject with the ideas and beliefs you have found in sources when working on your research report. Share any other information, processes, challenges, joys, at this point. I will submit the exercise ASAP. thanks source..
900231860 Journal Entry Name: Course title: Professor: Institution: Date Due: As a student in this college, I find that the issue of proper nutrition is a significant matter in people’s lives. During the lighting experience in my research draft, I found out that works from other sources were predominant in my draft. This is because I had less knowledge concerning my study area and therefore, relied much on credible sources. The topic I was dealing with was about “Raw Fresh Food Products verses Cooked Processes Foods, Which was better”. This research actually broadened my knowledge concerning nutritional matters, many of which I had not known. While I had myself held an opinion that there were processed foods which were nutritious, I was however, perplexed to understand that most of such processed foods had dangerous chemicals in them. While a lot more people today enjoy cooked processed food, they have no idea on the ramifications of eating such. In many of today’s culture, people have become too busy to the point of relying on processed and packed foods. They don’t want to make their meals from scratch. Through my research, I have come to understand that, though perceived as necessary in many situations, a good number of processed foods are nutritionally inappropriate. Among the reasons as to why these foods are dangerous is because of the so many additives and preservatives that are added in them, either to change their flavor or create a long lasting effect. What I also found interesting was that though many of the processed foods have their ingredients listed on the containers. There are other harmful ingredients that are not usually listed on these container...
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