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Jane Eyre in terms of Mansfield Park and The History of Mary Prince (Essay Sample)


we can read Jane Eyre in conversation with Mansfield Park (in terms of theme and plot) and The History of Mary Prince (in terms of the problematic use of slavery/abolition discourse). Quote a short passage (providing the page number or chapter number if using a different edition) in the first ten chapters of Jane Eyre and compare or contrast it to one or both of these previously discussed works. Things you might think about: order/disorder, gratitude/ingratitude, folly/vice, theory/practice, appearance/reality, family relationships, morality/immorality, speaking out/enduring, etc. This non-exhaustive list is meant as a guide to get you thinking—not as a limitation or a checklist. You may use these themes or others as you see fit. Does Jane Eyre emulate these texts in some ways but not in others?


Course title:
Jane Eyre compared and contrasted to Mansfield Park
Jane Austeen’s novel Mansfield Park and Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre have a number of similarities especially in the early treatment of their key characters. Both the young ladies are orphans, and were sent to reside with an uncle or aunt. Moreover, both were doomed to be outsiders from the start. Jane is unaccepted by her aunt Reed, who together with her cousins was very cruel to her. This is just about true of Fanny Price, who came from a family that was low class and moved to Mansfield Park. She was also considered an outsider since everything that her cousins went to or did, Fanny was disallowed.
At the opening of Jane Eyre, a child who does not belong is rebuked because she did not conduct herself in a way that is more socially apt. This girl is made to look like an outsider. Unless the girl behaves as she is expected by people, she is kept out, but how is the girl expected to be one of the “happy, contented, little children” when in actual fact she had “excluded from joining the group” . That is also the way that Fanny Price feels upon arriving in Mansfield Park. The unhappiness of Fanny is presented as a noticeable contrast to the representation of a family which is happy: “They were a...
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