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It's Halftime in America - Chrysler (Essay Sample)

I will send you two attachments: the first attachment is an instruction on writing the essay, so please read carefully and follow the guidelines. make sure you answer 2-4 questions on this attachment document. This essay needs to be 5 full pages, not including the works cited page. the second attachment is one of the source I would like for you to use, if at all possible. However, I will still need 5 sources altogether and they must be credible sources, meaning primary sources. If I have any concerns or questions on my essay or have additional information, I will send you a message. Also I will send you the link to the commercial. source..
Sarah Fulmer
ENG 104
Shannon Lujan
April 28, 2012
It's Halftime in America, Chrysler
Motivational Offering, Chrysler Television Commercial
‘It’s Halftime in America’ is a tribute directed to America by a cheerleader called Clint Eastwood. Halftime in America can also be differently defined as a speech and a stylistic delivery with a remarkable closing line. The motive of the speech is to market Chrysler automobiles. Chrysler is an automaker with multinational influence; the group was founded back in the year two thousand and nine following an alliance with Fiat. The company produces Ram, Fiat, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, SRT and Mopar automobiles and its headquarters are in Michigan, Auburn Hills in America.
The intended message
The commercial script is anticipated to display enthusiasm to its audience. The commercial has beautiful images and the Chrysler message is meticulously scripted, this is an indication of a quality studio film that identifies with the audiences. The voice of Clint Eastwood is raspy and cool. The commercial asserts that the people of Detroit have almost lost everything, and they are struggling to make a comeback. The commercial continues to state that the motor city is fighting again. Motivation arises on the sentiments that the future matters a lot and that Detroit has shown it can be done, and what Detroit can do is replicable to the whole of United States of America.
The advertisement identifies itself with the hard economic times that the Americans are facing. The company’s advertisement asserts, helps the Americans in forging a way forward and see what the future holds for the American people. As noted in Eastwood, this is critical considering that harsh times never last but tough people last. The advertisement goes ahead to state “it is half time, a simulation of the football game, the other half is coming that is expected to have better lives”. The Chrysler Company role is therefore to convince the working class on the necessity of the automobile. The commercial persuades, and encourages the audience to continue using the product or take a new action to use the new automobile (Eastwood). Chrysler commercial is powerful in that it drives the desired end result in a way that identifies with the consumer behavior.
In order to enhance awareness, a number of Chrysler commercials are vital in ensuring the existing and probable consumers note that the company is economically viable, and that will deliver the expectations of the consumers in a reliable format. This commercial credits value, as quoted, is mainly focused on the audience that success is ongoing and more advanced products are being developed to ensure continuity (Macionis, 162). The Chrysler commercial identifies with the American people. This is a way of treasuring the American workforce in driving the economy (Eastwood). This is critical in that the audiences feel appreciated and recognized driving up the need of purcha...
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