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It Is Better To Bring A Laptop To School (Essay Sample)


An argument essay, I sand on the laptop side, please do this side.


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It is Better to Bring a Laptop to School
Laptops are favored because they offer technological tools that have been combined with portability. They can be brought anywhere, and a lot of schools are starting to use them in the class as well. I believe that a lot of the advantages are experienced by students who use laptops. They can take notes more efficiently, write and edit faster, and group study makes is a lot easier for them. regardless of what the student's age is, he or she can benefit from using a laptop in school.
If the student's laptop has an internet connection, he or she is encouraged to learn and they are updated about the latest news. News sites online cover the entire world, and not only the state or country. Students will have a better knowledge of how people elsewhere live and about war, natural disasters, political strife, and their culture. Furthermore, this is why they later on become better in using technology.
When they did a research on the advantages of students bringing laptops to school, they were able to gather positive results. They discovered that when schools provide laptops to their students, they had improved learning which includes English, math, and science. A lot of educators that use laptops during class have discovered how this tool can benefit anyone. In addition, laptops are helpful to students in writing successful papers. When they use a laptop, they can type faster so the writing process speeds up, and the word processing tools make it simpler for students to fix their work right away. When students have a laptop instead of a desktop PC, they can work in the library, at home, or in class. There is a state in the US that gave laptops to students and later on saw how they improved their writing skills. About 80% of the students in the project said they prefer using a laptop for school work and would most likel

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