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Film Study: “IT”, “Blade Runner”, and “The Great Gatsby” (Essay Sample)


This paper is about comparing the original films of “IT”, “Blade Runner”, and “The Great Gatsby” and comparing the old films to the new films and how they are different and critique them.


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Film Study
The film industry has definitely undergone a lot of change since the days of old. This change is more noticeable when a comparison is made between the old films and new ones. Technological advancements and increased knowledge are among the factors that have brought about these changes. In the present case, a comparison is made between the old and new films titles IT, Blade Runner, and The Great Gatsby.
In the film IT, a comparison can be made between the old and new film. The most notable difference is the one on time-frame. Considering that the old one was set in the '50s and the new one in the 80's there is no doubt that quite a number of factors are different. In the old film, the children's encounter with the creature happens in the 1950s and they reunite years later in the 1980s to deal with it. The case is different in the new film where the first encounter takes place in the '80s and the reunion happens more than twenty years later. There is also a difference in the creatures perceived to instill fear. In the old film, the werewolf is the creature that children in that age considered their worst nightmare. For this reason, they were easily terrified by it. However, with a new generation that finds less sense in the werewolves being scary creatures, there was a need for change. Due to this, the new film chopped out the whole idea of werewolves. In the old film a young woman, Bev is seen standing up for herself after facing violent abuse from her father. However, in the new one, the same character has to be rescued by boys after being forcefully taken, hence showing the modern age's determination to present a woman as being weak.
Blade Runner is another film whose original version and the new one show slight changes. Notably, both films present great stories on science fiction although the original is quite shorter than the new film in terms of time. In both cases, the stories center on rogue android

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